Code Effect
[Ctrl] + A Scroll forward through available character sequences
[Ctrl] + S Scroll reverse through available character sequences
[Ctrl] + C Replay chapter introduction
[Ctrl] + F Turn selected character around its axis
[Ctrl] + M Debug dump with area information
[Ctrl] + J Teleport party to pointer
[Ctrl] + Y Kill selected unit
[Ctrl] + K Kill selected monster or remove character from party
[Ctrl] + R Heal selected character or portrait
[Ctrl] + U Receive free experience points
[Ctrl] + X Display current pointer position and search square
[Ctrl] + 1 Cycle through armor levels
[Ctrl] + 2 Fade screen to dark
[Ctrl] + 3 Fade screen to light
[Ctrl] + 4 Display trigger polygons
[Ctrl] + 6 Transform current selected character into the next one
[Ctrl] + 7 Transform current selected character into the previous one
[Ctrl] + 9 Display character bounding boxes