Imperator: Rome

Imperator: Rome is Paradox Interactive's latest grand-strategy game. If the name didn't quite give it away, you are an imperator (a leader) in the Roman time period. Your duties as an imperator involve managing diplomacy, your nation's economy, and your citizens. If successful, you can expand by conquering new territory in war, and become the greatest nation.

Console Commands

Console Commands has assembled a searchable list of all 113 Imperator Rome console commands and cheats for the updated version of the game on Steam PC or Mac.

By pressing the ` grave key on US/UK keyboards, you can open the console in Imperator Rome cheats. Besides, you can also use these keys to open the console: §~^°, or ². If none of these keys work, try these alternatives: SHIFT + 2SHIFT + 3, and ALT + 2 + 1

Press ENTER to execute the command, once you open and type the command into it. Some commands have arguments that are known as parameters – these are extra numbers or IDs that you add to a command to explain it what to do. For instance, in the command “cash [amount],” [amount] is considered as an argument. You simply need to replace it with an amount to get it to work, such as “cash 10”. In the below table, you can see descriptions for each argument by directing over a command.

Enabling debug mode, you ought to enter the debug_mode command. When debug mode command is enabled, you will see county tags, province IDs, character IDs, and other data you require for cheat codes in tooltips while hovering over character portraits, provinces, etc.

You are free to change the display settings of the table according to your choice by pressing the “Table View” and “Card View” buttons. To see the information page of command, click on the name, and you will see detailed documentation, including work samples. By typing the name of a cheat into the search box given below, you can find the 113 Imperator Rome console commands from our database.