Code Effect
Hang Onto The Past with this command, you can go to the past.
Not So Rare This command allows you to find not so rare things.
God Mode With this command, you can enable God Mode.
Instant Mastery This command allows you to do mastery instantly.
Infinite Backpack Space This command allows you to enable infinite backpack space.
Unlimited Money With this command, you can have unlimited money.
Raise The Dead With this command, you can raise the dead automatically.
Instant Buddies With this command, you can instantly find buddies in the game.
They Wont Know What Hit Em When this command is enabled, you will not know what hits you.
Advantaged Or Disadvantaged Start Enabling this command can let you start advantaged or disadvantaged things.
Fishmen You can enable the Fishmen with this command.
Cook Enabling this command allows you to cook.
Oh how the turn tables... This command allows you to understand how would you turn tables
Acquire Hashish With this command, you can get Hashish.
Running and Selling Running and Selling can be enabled with this command.
Blunts The weapon of guardsmen and bandits alike, this class of weapons will be the most common weapon in [relatively] safe lands.
Sabres The most common bladed weapon class, it is a large, heavy defensive weapon type that inflicts a mix of blunt and cutting damage.
Hackers Hackers are axe-like blades, frequently encompassing a Clever-like shape.
Katanas The most deadly of bladed weapons, these are offensive weapons. Their lightweight nature requires dexterity to use effectively.
Polearms Probably the rarest weapon class, alongside the Heavy Weapons class, Polearms are spear or glaive-bladed weapons[With the exception of the staff].
Heavy Weapons "These hulking piles of metal are extremely unwieldly for most everyone; The pure weight and size of them means you'll need both strength AND dexerity to use them."