Killing Floor 2 Cheats Codes

Console Commands
Code Effect
Open [IP] Will connect to the givenYou can provide a password. eg: open And you can also join as spectator. eg: open
Disconnect Leaves the current session (good if you are stuck on a screen)
Reconnect Rejoins the current session you are in
Suicide Causes your player to die
RestartLevel Restarts the Level
ToggleScreenshotMode Toggles Weapons/Hands and HUD on and off.
ToggleHUD Toggles HUD
EnableCheats Will open up the majority of commands for you to use
God Toggles God Mode
Demigod Toggles Demi-God Mode (will take damage but not die)
HurtMe [AMOUNT] Causes AMOUNT of the damage to player, e.g. HurtMe 20
HealMe [AMOUNT] Heals player for AMOUNT of the health
ArmorMe [AMOUNT] Gives player AMOUNT of the armor
Ghost Allows basically no-clip mode
Fly No-clip with collision and interaction
Walk Allows you to disable Ghost/Fly and walk again
ImRich Gives loadsamone
DoshMe [AMOUNT] Gives you the amount of dosh given
UberAmmo Gives lots of ammo for all weapons/grenades
Loaded Gives you most of the weapons
GiveWeapon [WeaponClass String] Gives a specific weapon using class name & locationeg: giveweapon KFGameContent.KFWeap_Shotgun_DoubleBarrel List of Weapon Class Names
UpgradeWeapon Upgrades currently equipped weapon one level
OpenTraderMenu Open buy menu, anywhere, anytime
DramaEvent [CHANCE] [LENGTH] Chance to toggle Zed Time with colour dramaevent 1 10 - will give 100% chance to trigger Zed Time for 10 seconds when entered.
Slomo [SCALE] Sets world speed. Also useful to test ZED Time skills - they all become active withSlomo < 1 (e.g. Slomo 0.99)
ChangeSize [SIZE] Changes player size/scale. Default is 1.
SetSpeed [SPEED] Changes walk speed. Default is 1
SetJumpZ [HEIGHT] Changes Jump Height.
SetGravity [GRAVITY] Changes Gravity. Default is -1150 (negative value).This can easily crash a game or server, stay in reasonable numbers and don't go into positives.