Add_population Syntax

The syntax for the add_population command is given below:

add_population [settlement name] [amount]

The following arguments are used for this command:

Settlement NameThe name of the settlement you wish to add or remove population to/from. If the settlement name has spaces in, specify the name in quotation marks (e.g. "London", if London had spaces).
AmountThe amount of population you wish to add to the settlement. Specify a negative amount to remove population.

Add_population Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the add_population command.

add_population London 10

With this command, you would add 10 population to London.

add_population London -40

With the help of above console command, you would remove 40 population from London (as negative 40 has been specified).

add_population Cairo 100

With this command, you would add 100 population to Cairo.