Control Syntax

The syntax for the control command is given below:

control [faction name]

The following arguments are used for this command:

Faction NameThe name of the faction that you wish to play as. Faction names/IDs:
  • byzantium
  • denmark
  • egypt
  • england
  • france
  • hre
  • hungary
  • milan
  • mongols
  • moors
  • normans
  • papal_states
  • poland
  • portugal
  • rebels
  • russia
  • scotland
  • sicily
  • spain
  • timurids
  • turks
  • venice
  • aztecs

Control Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the control command.

control turks

With this command, you would make you play as the Turks.

control spain

With this console command, would make you play as Spain.