Create_unit Syntax

The syntax for the create_unit command is given below:

create_unit [settlement / character name] [unit id] [amount] [experience] [armor] [weapon]

The following arguments are used for this command:

Settlement / Character NameThe name of the settlement, or the name of the character, that you wish to create the units within/for.
Unit IDThe ID of the unit that you wish to create.
AmountOptional - if you do not specify an amount here, the amount of units created will be 1. Specify the amount of units you wish to create here. You will need to specify an amount here if you are specifying an experience, armor, or weapon level.
ExperienceOptional. Must be specified if specifying armor or weapon level. The experience level of the created unit. A number between 0 and 9.
ArmorOptional. Must be specified if you are specifying weapon level. The armor level of the created unit(s). A number between 0 and 3.
WeaponOptional. The weapon level of the created unit(s). A number between 0 and 3.

Create_unit Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the create_unit command.

create_unit London "Polish Guard"

With this command, you would give London a new Polish Guard unit for their army.

create_unit Paris "ME Ballista" 2

With the help of this command, you would create 2 ME Ballista units for Paris's army.

create_unit Leon "Camel Gunners" 4 9 2 3

This command would let you add 4 Camel Gunners to Leon's army. They would each have 9 Experience, Level 2 Armor, and Level 3 Weapon.