Surrender_regions Syntax

The syntax for the surrender_regions command is given below:

surrender_regions [faction name]

The following arguments are used for this command:

Faction NameThe name of the faction you wish to surrender all regions. Specify 'horde' here for all horde factions to surrender. Faction names/IDs:
  • byzantium
  • denmark
  • egypt
  • england
  • france
  • hre
  • hungary
  • milan
  • mongols
  • moors
  • normans
  • papal_states
  • poland
  • portugal
  • rebels
  • russia
  • scotland
  • sicily
  • spain
  • timurids
  • turks
  • venice
  • aztecs

Surrender_regions Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the surrender_regions command.

surrender_regions spain

With this command, you would make Spain surrender all of their territory to the rebels.

surrender_regions portugal

By using this console command, you would make Portugal give up all territory they own to the rebel faction.