Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Cheats

Console Commands
Code Effect
Whirlwind + Bash. This generates an exploding tornado that deals damage to enemies in the area.
Bash + Burn This blows enemies away at a greater range.
Burn + Whirlwind This generates a burning tornado.
Barrage + Area Assault. This generates intermittent shockwaves that deal damage to enemies in the area.
Beam + Explosive This causes any beam attack to explode with more power than usual.
Barrage / Area Assault + Whirlwind / Burn. This send a tornado or elemental slashes to slice through the enemy.
Slam + Explosive This launches a large explosion made-up of smaller explosions
Beam + Safeguard / Area Assault This shoots a beam that scatters in all directions and deals damage
Beam + Beam This launches a huge blast that generates a sphere of energy at the point of impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies
Rapid-Fire + Safeguard / Area Assault / Whirlwind This shoots a series of rapid-fire projectiles that scatter in all directions and deals damage
Rapid-Fire + Rapid-Fire This causes projectiles from a rapid-fire attack to explode on impact, dealing area-of-effect damage
Bash + Bash This causes a powerful shockwave with expanded range
Launch + Launch This launches a huge shockwave that throws enemies in the area into the air
Slam + Slam This causes a powerful ground quake that damages enemies in the center of the blast, and causes all enemies on-screen to stumble