Mass Effect Console Commands List

First, enable the console by going to Documents>BioWare>Mass Effect>Config on your computer. Then open BIOInput in Notepad. Find the line [Engine.Console] and under it add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde. Then when playing in game simply press the tilde key (above tab) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat.

Console Commands
Code Effect
AddTargetToParty Adds the targeted pawn to your party.
GiveXP [Value] Gives/takes experience to player - cannot lower current level. (ex: GiveXP 100)
GiveTalentPoints [numPoints] Gives/takes talent points to player. (ex: GiveTalentPoints -12)
Set BioAttributesPawnParty m_TalentPoints [Points] Sets all active squad members' available talent points to the given value. (ex: Set BioAttributesPawnParty m_TalentPoints 10)
GiveBonusTalent [14] Gives bonus talents to player. See 'Talent Codes' below. (ex: GiveBonusTalent 14)
GiveSpectreTalents This command unlocks Spectre talents.
PickSpecialization This command unlocks bonus classes.
GiveSuperArmor Gives a light "Survivor X" armor with 8000 shields.
GiveItem Self [string] QaSuperArmor [nmManufacturer] Gives ultimate armor with 10000-20000 shields, depending on which manufacturer string is used (ex: GiveItem Self 10 QaSuperArmor Manf_Spectre03_Armor)
GiveSuperGun Gives a geth assault rifle with 25000 points of damage.
GiveItem Self [string] Qa_SuperGun [nmManufacturer] Gives geth-style Assault Rifle which does 30000 to 40000 damage, depending on which manufacturer string is used. Non-geth manufacturer codes may or may not be geth-style. (ex: GiveItem Self 10 Qa_SuperGun Manf_Geth_Weap)
Set BIOC_Base.BioPawnBehavior m_fInsanityEnemyDamageReduction [##F] Changes how much damage enemies take on Insanity. A higher number means more damage, while a lower number means less damage. (ex: set BIOC_Base.BioPawnBehavior m_fInsanityEnemyDamageReduction 500F)
GiveAll Gives one of each weapon, weapon mod, bioamp, omnitool, and grenade. Does not give armors.
GiveAllBioAmps [string nmManufacturer] Gives all bioamps to player. (ex: GiveAllBioAmps Manf_Serrice_Bioamp)
GiveAllOmniTools string nmManufacturer Gives all omnitools to player. (ex: GiveAllOmniTools Manf_Serrice_OmniTool)
GiveAllGrenades string nmManufacturer Gives all weapons of grenades to player.
GiveAllWeapons string nmManufacturer Gives all weapons of manufacturer to player. (ex: GiveAllWeapons Manf_Spectre03_Weap)
GiveAllArmor string nmManufacturer Gives all armors of manufacturer to player. (ex: GiveAllArmor Manf_Spectre03_Armor)
GiveAllArmorHuman string nmManufacturer Gives all human armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllArmorTurian string nmManufacturer Gives all turian armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllArmorQuarian string nmManufacturer Gives all quarian armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllArmorKrogan string nmManufacturer Gives all krogan armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllXMods Gives all weapon and armor mods.
GiveItem string nmActor int nSophistication string nmItemLabel string nmManufacturer Gives item to player. The manufacturer string is optional. nSophistication determines the 'level' (I, II, ... X) (ex: Armor: GiveItem target 10 QuarianL manf_kassa_armor_colossus Weapon: GiveItem self 1 assault_rifle manf_hk_weap)
GiveArmor string nmActor int nSophistication string nmArmorLabel Gives armor to player.
SetParagon int Points Sets paragon points to specified value. (340 is max)
SetRenegade int Points Sets renegade points to specified value. (340 is max)
AdjustCredits [int #######] Increments or decrements the value of the party's credits, to a maximum of 9,999,999. (ex: AdjustCredits +250000)
InitCredits [int #######] Sets the party's current credits to this amount, with a maximum value of 9,999,999.
InitSalvage [int ###] Sets the amount of the party's total omni-gel count, to a maximum value of 999.
InitMedigel [int ##] Sets the amount of the party's CURRENT medi-gel count; maximum value can only be increased by purchasing medi-gel count upgrades from stores.
InitGrenades [int ##] Sets the amount of the party's CURRENT grenade count.
Set BIOC_Base.BioInventory m_nMaxGrenades [Int ##] Sets the MAX amount of Grenades you can have.
KillCurrentTarget Kills the currently targeted pawn.
KillAll BioPawn Removes the player's henchmen from the party and all nearby pawns from the world. This is reported to cause problems when attempting to play through the full game without a party.
SetRunSpeed float speed Sets your running speed to the specified value. (ex: SetRunSpeed 99 (for slow speed), SetRunSpeed 9999 (for fast speed)
SuperSpeed Toggles on and off super-fast movement. Using this twice will cancel out changes made by the SetRunSpeed command.
UnlockAchievement int nAchievementID Unlocks an achievement. See Achievement Codes below. (ex: UnlockAchievement 5)
SetGender [int ##] Changes the PC's gender; 0 is male, 1 is female. Appears to affect body and voice, but not dialog flags, and doesn't seem to kick in until you zone.
Ghost Disables collision clipping, prevents falling.
Fly This command Disables falling.
Walk Enables collision clipping and falling.
Teleport Moves player to location at crosshair.
Pause Pauses the game. Useful for pausing during dialogs.
At string newArea Moves player to new area, places player 'at' the area specified.
SpawnVehicle Spawns a Mako vehicle at the cursor location.
upgradevehicle 6 vehthrusterforcebooster Triples the thrust (power) of the Mako underjets. Using 5 instead of 6 allows for same boost, but Mako doesn't have to touch ground for the thruster to function again, allowing for repeated thrusts to stay off the ground. Gentle thrusts are needed to avoid falling damage.
FOV int [##] Changes the Field of View to the specified degrees. (ex: FOV 45)
Setbind string key string command Binds the specified command to the specified key. (ex: Setbind CapsLock Showhud)
SloMo float multiplier Changes the game speed by the given multiplier (2.0 is twice as fast, 0.5 is half-speed)
StasisAll Freezes all NPCs in place permanently. This cannot be reversed without loading a savegame and should not be used aside from things like taking screenshots.
ToggleFlyCam Toggles free camera mode
CamToggleDebug Moves the camera slightly up and back of the player.
Set BioCameraBehaviorFree m_fMovementScalar float Fine-tune the free camera's directional speed. (ex: "Set BioCameraBehaviorFree m_fMovementScalar 1.00 (very slow) Set BioCameraBehaviorFree m_fMovementScalar 6000.00 (very fast)"
ShowHUD / ToggleHUD Toggles most parts of the HUD.
Show Scaleform Toggles all of the Scaleform elements off (HUD, menus text, quick power bar).
PlayersOnly Toggles the game pause, allowing the player to line up a screenshot.
SaveGame string Saves the game to filename indicated by string (See note 1).
LoadGame string Loads saved game indicated by string filename (See note 2).
Quit / Exit Exit game
Shot Takes a screenshot exactly as it appears on the screen
TiledShot int multiplier int overlapPixels Takes a screenshot at many times the resolution of the screen. ("TiledShot 3x3 - takes a screenshot with a grid of 3 by 3. If the game is running in resolution of 1440x900, this will produce a 4320x2700 screenshot. TiledShot 2 - produces a screenshot twice the size of the game resolution. TiledShot 2 200 - takes a screenshot twice the size of the game resolution, and does overlap 200 pixels from every grid cell.")
Stat FPS Toggles the display of your framerate
Obj Classes See Unreal engine console documentation.
Obj Dependancies See Unreal engine console documentation.
Obj Hash See Unreal engine console documentation.
Obj Linkers See Unreal engine console documentation.
Get string propertyidentifier string value See Unreal engine console documentation.
Set string propertyidentifier string value See Unreal engine console documentation.
SetSensitivity int mouseSensitivity Sets mouse sensitivity from the console. Overrides any settings.
Exec string filename Executes a specified file under the Mass Effect\Binaries directory
ce hench_picksquad Select a new squad from the selection screen