Code Effect
Ability Other classes were added
Bad Meal You fed a metal drum to a Boss Creature
Best Buddy You defeated 300 creatures using the Auto Turret
Collector You obtained all weapons and gear
Common Struggle You completed every wave in every Salvage Mission
Comrades in Arms You completed 50 Salvage Missions
Construction You constructed your first building
Cook You cooked your first meal
Cooperation You played a Salvage Mission
Crusher You defeated 300 creatures using heavy weapons
Defender You successfully defended your outpost for the first time
Digger You digged Iris Energy for the first time
Dite You saw the METAL GEAR SURVIVE title logo
Education You learned your first skill
Expansion Base Camp's expandable area reached Level 2
Exploration Your crew completed their first Dispatch Mission
Foodie You ate all food
Glory You earned 30 first place score rankings when completing the final wave in a Salvage Mission
Harvest You did your first harvest
Hero Earned all Trophies
Home You made it home
Hunt You did your first hunt
Impaler You defeated 300 creatures using thrusting weapons
Iron Wall You successfully defended Base Camp with no losses incurred
Locksmith You opened a HARD difficulty container flawlessly
Marksman You defeated 300 creatures using bows
Mission You completed your first Order
Production You crafted your first item
Proficient You raised all skills to their highest level
Progress You finished digging Iris Energy
Prosperity Thirty crew members are among your ranks
Protector You defeated 300 creatures using Defense Units
Refuge You arrived at the FOB
Rescue You rescued the boy
Responder You defeated 300 creatures using Interceptor Units
Results You achieved a performance evaluation for a Salvage Mission
Revival You used the Analeptic ( Pill) for the first time
Ripper You defeated 300 creatures using two-handed weapons
Rod and Snake During Salvage Missions, you revived 30 allies who were near death
Sacrifice You defeated the Lord of Dust
Slicer You defeated 300 creatures using one-handed weapons
Spit You skewered 50 creatures using the Foot Press skill
Suppression You defeated all Boss Creatures
Surveyor You explored the entirety of both maps
Survivalist You survived 140 days, 15 hours without dying
The Boy A boy joined your ranks
The Cop A police officer joined your ranks
The EM Gun You recovered "the Giant"
The Engineer An engineer joined your ranks
The Giant You discovered "the Giant"
The Nurse A nurse joined your ranks
The Soldier A soldier joined your ranks