Code Effect
RB8-3ME Crystal Archer card
vc296x Bannerman card
4LK-YEK-82N Propeller Horde card
FMA-PLJ-GM5 Battle Shi-hou card
KCV-6R9-YRE Scrat Launcher card
PXR-H42-SSJ Tranquil Shi-Hou card
K4V-QTA Free Power Token
wbnz4c Free Power Token
UT7-QRT-PF9 2,000 gold: Use thecode
W3Q-Y8K-967 1,200 Gold and also 1 Power Token
7XC-T9H-CF3 Spirit Vessel, Crystal Sentry and also 1 Power Token
CRO-SSD-UDE Crossbow Dudes, 3 Crossbow Guilds and also Avatar
ATJ-Q31-BH3 Twitch Prime Code