Mordhau Console Commands List

Console Commands
Code Effect
adminlogin [control] Gives you Administrator Access to control the server.
adminlist [server] Lists current server admins.
adminadd [list] Adds a new admin to the admin list.
addbots [auto player] Adds bots .
ban unban [banlist] Lists banned players.
changelevel [map] Changes map.
ChangeSize [x] Changes the size of your character .
disconnect [server] Disconnects from server.
demorec name [demo] Records a demo.
demostop [demo] Stops a demo.
demoplay [demo] Plays a demo.
exit [Quit] Quits game.
kick [out] Kicks player .
m.ShowCrosshair [0] Disables crosshair.
m.inverseattackdirection [1] Inverts attack direction.
PlayersOnly [freely] Freezes all bots but allows players to move freely.
removeadmin [list] Removes specified admin from the admin list.
restartlevel [map] Restarts current map.
removebots [kills bots] Kills bots .
Stat [FPS] Shows the FPS counter.
slomo [time] Slows down the time.