Morrowind Console Commands List

Console Commands are a debugging tool available to PC players, adding a wide range of functionality to the game. On American English keyboards, the tilde key (~) will toggle the console screen, but on British English keyboards, that key is the backtick key (`). The backtick is pictured on the tilde key in the United States. The key is located below Escape ( Esc ) and just left of the one (1) key.

Console Commands
Code Effect
ToggleWorld Turns off the world. NPCs will in any case show until the point that the player moves their camera, so, all in all, they will vanish. Does not really kill crash, just conceals rendering. This is one the Morrowind console commands that will help you observe everything better.
ToggleSky This command flips the sky on and off.
ToggleWireframe This command flips the showcase of wireframe 3D objects.
ToggleBorders This command flips the presentation of outside cell fringes.
ToggleScripts This console command flips the presentation of outside cell fringes.
ToggleFogOfWar This command flips the presentation of outside cell fringes.
ToggleDebugText This command switches show different troubleshoot messages on the screen, for example, position and video framerate. Within the Morrowind console commands, this keeps you from annoying and unimportant texts.
ToggleStats This command switches show of the different investigate measurements.
ToggleCollisionGrid This command switches show of the framework which controls how questions impact.
ToggleMenus Switches show of menus and UI. Valuable for taking screen captures.
ToggleCombatStats Switches battle details.
ToggleCollision Switches cutting for the player and all NPCs in range.
ToggleAI Flip the NPC/animal AI
TogglePathGrid Flip way lattice show. Showcases the matrix that characterizes where NPCs can walk.
ToggleTextureString Flip way lattice show. Showcases the matrix that characterizes where NPCs can walk.
ToggleFullHelp Shows possession and content of items the player takes a gander at. This is one of Morrowind console commands that is valuable for knowing who to abstain from offering stolen things too.
ToggleGodMode Makes the player immune. One can in reality still bite the dust, when utilizing spells on characters or monsters with reflect. For instance, when wearing the Mantle of Woe when the sun is out and calmly moving around one won’t pass on, however on the off chance that the Nerevarine does certain activities, for example, utilizing objects with “Cast When Used” charms or throwing certain spells in such a circumstance the player will bite the dust. In Morrowind console commands, this command will assist you to be easier in surviving the game.
ToggleKillStats Showcases insights in the reassure on what number of animals one has killed each time they kill another.
ToggleGrid Showcases a framework demonstrating the status of the dynamic (outside and inside) cells.
Lock [#] Locks the at present chosen entryway or holder at whatever bolt <#> one sources of info (0– 100).
Resurrect At the point when utilized on a cadaver, restores it. NPCs that are dead from the earliest starting point of amusement are not revived. At the point when an NPC is restored they recover every one of their things. Within the Morrowind console commands, this can be utilized on animals.
ShowGroup Show chosen performing artist’s gathering individuals.
ShowTargets Show chosen on-screen character’s objective gathering individuals.
Unlock Opens the focused on the bolt (entryway or holder).
SetScale [#] Set’s the focus on NPC/Player to the given stature. Supplant <#> with the coveted statue.
AddTopic [TopicID] Includes the predefined point.
FillJournal Includes all Journal entries
Journal [QuestID], [QuestStage] Adds exchange to the player’s diary for a phase (given by ), of a mission (given by ).
AddItem [ItemID] [#] Includes <#> of a particular thing to the player’s stock
AddSpell [SpellID] Includes the predetermined spell
EnableStatReviewMenu Raises the character adjustment screen which can be utilized to change race and different details. The player will lose the majority of their spells and their insusceptibility to all illnesses (on the off chance that they have advanced sufficiently far in the principle mission).
FixMe Move 128 units from the current area.
SetFatigue [#] Set player’s most extreme weakness. This is one of the most hard-to-understand Morrowind console commands.
SetFlying [1] Sets the player’s flying mode, so this is one of the Morrowind console commands that many players may dream of. To work, enter the order and after that cast a Levitate Spell. The impact should last until the point when the player incapacitates flying with the support (0).
SetLevel [#] Sets player level. For this to work legitimately, the player should either utilize the order, spare the diversion and restart, or gain a level in the ordinary design in the wake of utilizing this direction.
SetHealth [#] Sets greatest wellbeing.
SetCurrentHealth [#] Sets current wellbeing. Wellbeing can be changed to Magicka or Fatigue
SetMagicka [#] Sets greatest enchantment to esteem gave
SetPCCrimeLevel [#] Sets player Bounty to <#>.
SetReputation [#] Alters notoriety to the given number.
SetSuperJump [1] Permits super hop (0 — incapacitates)
SetWaterBreathing [1] Permits breathing submerged (0 — cripples)
SetWaterWalking [1] Permits to stroll on water (0 — cripples).
Set [AV] [#] Sets the (expertise, for example, SetBluntWeapon or characteristic SetStrength and so on.… ). Alert: Increasing pace or tumbling too high can have inconvenient impacts!
addsoulgem [CreatureID], [soulgemID] 1 Includes a spirit jewel loaded up with the spirit of whatever animal’s ID is utilized. Reassure may not acknowledge the numeric information {it may rely on TES3 Build}. On the off chance that PC has no void Soulgems of the predefined type, this directions includes 1 filled soulgem without numeric info. Be careful: AddSoulgem will Fill ALL discharge Soulgems in PC’s stock of the sort in the order, in addition to, include 1 more as a reward!! – DerEider (talk) 21:59, November 21, 2017 (UTC)
CenterOnCell [CellID] Moves the player to .
CenterOnExterior, [X, Y] Move to the focal point of the outside cell facilitates
ChangeWeather [region], [type] Region: The locale’s name Type: The kind of the climate 0 = Clear 1 = Cloudy 2 = Foggy 3 = Overcast 4 = Rain 5 = Thunder 6 = Ash 7 = Blight 8 = Snow (Bloodmoon required) 9 = Blizzard (Bloodmoon required)
CreateMaps [Filename.esp] Makes delineate record contingent upon the Create Maps Enable an incentive in the Morrowind.INI document. In the event that the esteem is 1, the document FILENAME.ESP.MAP is made in the DataFiles way with the guide information. In the event that the esteem is 2 and one has made an index Maps in the fundamental Morrowind amusement registry, this direction will make a 256×256 high shading bitmap of every outside cell in the diversion. This direction takes a drawn-out period of time even on quick PCs as every cell in the amusement is stacked.
FillMap Demonstrate every one of the towns on the full guide.
GetFactionReaction [factionID] [factionID] Show response esteems between two groups.
Getpos [x, y, or z] player. Gives the directions of the player character on the guide.
Help Shows shorthand for general directions.
PlaceAtPC, [ObjectID], [Count], [Distance], [Direction] Spots a question close to the player. is # of units away. 1 is before the player, 3 is behind.
ModFactionReaction, [FactionID], [FactionID], [Value] Changes Reaction estimations of first towards individuals from the second .
ResetActors Resets each NPC’s area to where it initially was.
Set GameHour To [#] Precedent: set game hour to 5 would set the season of day to 0500. Note: The diversion utilizes a 24-hour clock. While indicating game hour returns coasting point esteems (like 3.8646), set game hour in the support just acknowledges whole numbers (e.g., 3 or 4).
Set Timescale To [#] Changes the speed of the day/night cycle. <1> influences the day to go at an ongoing rate; an in-diversion day would most recent 24 hours, in actuality. <10> will make it ten times as quick as continuous (i.e. one in-diversion day endures 2.4 hours), and so on. The default timescale is <30> (1 in-game day = 48 genuine minutes).
Show [variable] Demonstrates the estimation of a solitary variable. Model: Show PCVampire will return 0, 1, or – 1 relying upon the player’s vampire state.
ShowScenegraph Make another Window on the work area with all the amusement renderer’s data.
ShowVars Records all the worldwide and additionally neighborhood factors.
StopCellTest Stops a cell test beforehand begun by TestCells