Code Effect
Old Skool [100%] Collect 100% of Pripp's Artifact Wishlist.
20 Seconds to comply [z600] Destroy a MIMIR Z600.
Shades of death [50 ] Kill Grey-One.
Old Skool [50%] Collect 50% of Pripp's artifact wishlist.
And stay down [hog rush] Knock down 10 enemies using 'Hog Rush'
Anti-Mechanic [40 men ] Decomission 40 'Mechanical' men.
Bormin smash [high place] Kill an enemy by knocking them off a high place.
Butterfingers [molotov] Kill an enemy by making the Pyro drop his Molotov.
Demo thing [z600] Reprogram the Ghouls' MIMIR Z600.
Extraction [rescue hammon] Rescue Hammon from the Nova cult.
Fitness club [luxs basement] Free the slaves from Lux's basement.
Freak out [skill tree] Unlock all Mutations in each character's skill tree.
Frying tonight [chain lighting] Kill 10 enemies using 'Chain Lightning'
Get back to the Ark [ark] Return to the Ark!
Green fingers [tree hugger] Trap 10 enemies using 'Tree Hugger'
Huntress [meet selma] Meet Selma and convice her to join your crew.
Lights out [zone style] Dish out some 'Zone-style' punishment to Lux.
Matriarch [plutonias plans] Put an end to Plutonia's plans.
My bad [kill] Kill your teammate.
Not a myth [eden] Reach Eden.
Not-so-tactical nuke [sentinel] Destroy a Sentinel.
Om nom nom [corpse eater] Use 'Corpse Eater' to interrupt a ressurecting enemy.
Pfft! Too easy [iron mutant] Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode (Any difficulty).
QA have suffered [iron mutant] Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode on HARD without losing a crew member.
Sent to the farm [sleep] Put 20 Zone Dogs 'to sleep'.
Still too easy [iron mutant] Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode on HARD.
Survivor [join crew] Meet Farrow and convince her to join your crew.
Take out the Zone trash [40 ghouls] Kill 40 Ghouls.
Tastes like chicken [corpse eater] Use 'Corpse Eater' to eat a teammate.
Tea leaf [roboshack] Steal something from Roboshack.
The power of flesh [10 enemies] Possess 10 enemies with 'Mind Control'
Thoughtful warrior [nova cultists] Rescue Magnus from the Nova cultists.
Unfriended [taunt teammate] Taunt a teammate who is under mind control.
Unnaturally successful [encounter] Finish a combat encounter by using mutations only.
Weapon smith [level 3] Improve all upgradable weapons to level III.
Zone master [all trophies] Obtain all trophies!
Chronicler [zone] Collect all notes in the Zone.
Home Run [hit enemies] Hit 3 enemies at once with Big Khan's Ground Pound.
King of the Forest [crew] Convince Big Khan to join your crew.
Pub Crawl [pripps mission] Complete all of Pripp's side-missions.
Quicker than he looks [elder] Catch up to the Elder.
Repurposer [3 enemies] Turn 3 enemies at once into cover.
Ripley Would be Proud [5 pod] Destroy 5 Pod Spawners before they release new enemies.
Skogsarbetare [demon tree] Defeat the demon-tree Jyko.
Tough Nut [seed of evil] Complete the SEED OF EVIL in IRON MUTANT mode.
Weed Killer [misery] Put Goran out of his misery.