Code Effect
AddCurrency [amount] [1] Add currency code
AddItemDebug [ItemID] [1] Adding items to your inventory
PerkPointsAdd [amount] Adding perk points code
AddPerkPointsToCompanions [amount] Adding perk points to companions code
fov [amount] Change FOV code
SetLevel [level] Changing your level
SetArmorLevel [level] [1] Changing your armor level
SetWeaponLevel [level] [1] Changing your weapon level
RpgStatAddModifierDebug [stat] [value] Changing your stats
variablename [amount] [r.MaxAnisotropy 16] Code to change variables
QuestStart [questname] Code to start quest
QuestComplete [questname] Code to complete quest
DebugUnlockCompanion [companionID] Companion unlock code
toggledebugcamera [Toggle] Flycam unlock code
ShowHUD [HP] HUD toggle code
god [Save Game] Infinite HP code
SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova [10] Save the game manually code
pause [Stats] Pause the game
RpgStatRemoveModifierDebug [stat] Removing modifiers to your stats