The Outer Worlds Cheats and Console Commands

You need to download an unlocker to open the console in the game. This unlocker has more than one version that are available online. Once you download the unlocker ZIP file, extract it.

Now start the game and once it starts running, minimize it an run the IGCSInjector.exe file that was extracted from the ZIP file. If it runs smoothly, it must show a message that says “Done! Enjoy!’

Go back to the game and open the console by using the tilde ~ key.

Console Commands
Code Effect
AddCurrency [amount] [1] Add currency code
AddItemDebug [ItemID] [1] Adding items to your inventory
PerkPointsAdd [amount] Adding perk points code
AddPerkPointsToCompanions [amount] Adding perk points to companions code
fov [amount] Change FOV code
SetLevel [level] Changing your level
SetArmorLevel [level] [1] Changing your armor level
SetWeaponLevel [level] [1] Changing your weapon level
RpgStatAddModifierDebug [stat] [value] Changing your stats
variablename [amount] [r.MaxAnisotropy 16] Code to change variables
QuestStart [questname] Code to start quest
QuestComplete [questname] Code to complete quest
DebugUnlockCompanion [companionID] Companion unlock code
toggledebugcamera [Toggle] Flycam unlock code
ShowHUD [HP] HUD toggle code
god [Save Game] Infinite HP code
SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova [10] Save the game manually code
pause [Stats] Pause the game
RpgStatRemoveModifierDebug [stat] Removing modifiers to your stats