Code Effect
olboost Add gold and rank in historical missions
oljackpot Add inventory
olwimpy Auto reload
olyahoo Bronze badge
olmemory Displays memory use information
olnetwork Displays network information
olhowmany Displays number of players
oljtf Displays player stats
olpolys Displays polygon information
olairhead Fly Mode
olpostal Full ammo for all weapons
oler Full health
olimyella God Mode
olrx Hearts
olether Invisibility
olshadows Jetpack
olblackops Lights up objects in rifle scope
olhitme Lose one heart
olreallyhitme Lose three hearts
olappear Make boss appear
olanalklie Misaligns textures
olopec More oil
olrunawaytrain Play as a min car
olscreening Show cutscenes
olfps Show frame rate
olgps Show player coordinates
olscore Skip level
olredlite Stops enemies where they stand
olbounce Super Jump Mode
olcds Super map mode
olzip Teleport
olash Unlimited ammo
olgusher Unlimited oil
olstinnett Walk with gattling gun
oltombstone You die
olshaw Your hits push enemies