Code Effect
Pharaohs Tomb [level] Level skip
Treasure Chest [deben] 1000 deben
Living Large [upgrade] Upgrade all residences
Fury of Seth [military] Destroy all military ships
Mockattack1 [land] City attacked by land
Mockattack2 [sea] City attacked by sea
Hippo Stomp [hippos] City attacked by hippos
Side Show [hippos] Increase number of already available hippos
Bounty [note 1] Inundation increased [Note 1]
Mummys Curse [note 1] Inundation decreased [Note 1]
Pharaohs Glory [note 2] Exports increased for one year [Note 2]
Bird of Prey [note 2] Exports decrease for one year [Note 2]
Supreme Craftsman [ note 3] Storage yard at maximum [Note 3]
Noble Died [note 3] Shipwrights, weavers, and jewelers stocked
Typhonian Relief [note 4] Troops protected [Note 4]
Seth Strikes [note 4] Troops destroyed [Note 4]
Cat Nip [note 5] Houses and bazaars full of goods [Note 5]
Kitty Litter [note 5] Plague strikes city [Note 5]
Ramsees I Unknown
Big Dave [destroy] Ptah will destroy some industrial buildings.
Grenow [citys yards] Ptah will destroy one of your city's Storage Yards.
Spirit of Typhoon [invaders] Seth will strike down the next invaders.
Meow Bast will throw a festival for all the gods.
Cat Fight [destroy city] Bast will destroy some of your city's best houses.
Sun Disk [rating] Raises your kingdom rating.
Mesektet Something bad concerning Ra.
Life from Death [farms] All farms on flood plain will harvest double the
Underworld [flood plain] All farms on the flood plain will be destroyed by
Hippo Stomp [hippos] Sends angry hippos through your city.
Side Show Makes Hippo... just try it you'll like it.