Pillars of Eternity 2 Console Commands & Cheats

By pressing the tilde ~ key, you can access the console. Next,, make sure that you input Iroll20s before moving on to any other command.

Console Commands
Code Effect
AddExperience [#] Adds the # of experience
AddExperienceToLevel [#] Raises level
AttributeScore [Player Name] [Attribute Name] [#] Raises attribute
FreeRecipesToggle Recipe without ingredients
GiveItem [Item Name] Places the item
GivePlayerMoney [#] Gives specified money
God Turns God mode on and off.
Invisible Heals the entire party
NoFog Removes the fog
Rest Forces rest instantly.
Skill [Player Name] [Skill Name] [#] Increases the specified skill
ToggleSpellLimit Allows to cast spells
UnlockAll Unlocks all locked chests
UnlockBestiary Unlocks all locked doors
Iroll20s enables the game's cheat mode
Cosmic [Bird] places the Cosmic Bird
Cosmic [Cat] places the Cosmic Cat pet
Cosmic [Dog] places the Cosmic Dog pet
CraftingDebug [Bounty] grants crafting materials
FindGameData [X] finds relevant game data