Planescape Torment Console Commands & Cheats

Go to C:\YOURNAME\User\Documents\Planescape Torment – Enhanced Edition. Next, open the ‘Baldur.lua’ file with Notepad or Notepad++. Go to the bottom of the file opened and enter the following:

SetPrivateProfileString(Program Options’,’Debug Mode’,’1)

Now, save the file and start the game. By pressing the following key combination, you can open the console in game:


Console Commands
Code Effect
C:AddGold [Number] Set the gold
C:SetCurrentXP [Number] Set XP
C:AddGold [int] Adds gold specific by int parameter
C:CreateItem [string] Creates the item
C:CreateCreature [string] Creates the creature
C:ExploreArea [Fog] Removes the fog of war
C:SetCurrentXP [int] Sets the XP of character
C:SetGlobal [GLOBAL",15] Set Alignment to Lawful
C:SetGlobal [GLOBAL",-21] Set Alignment to Chaotic
C:SetGlobal [GLOBAL",15] Set Alignment to Good
C:SetGlobal [GLOBAL",-21] Set Alignment to Evil
C:ExploreArea Reveals map of the current area
C:SetCurrentX [x] Sets experience points
C:MoveToArea [x] Teleports selected characters
C:AddGold [x] Adds x gold to your party total
C:CreateItem [x, y] Creates y number of item
C:CreateCreature [x] Creates the monster x