Planet Coaster Cheat Codes List

Below you will find a list of all the updated Planet Coaster cheats. It has some hidden secret codes in the game that can unlock special abilities. Some of the cheat codes may still not be discovered. You can enable cheats by renaming guests or rides. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
BOLLARD Name a Go Kart track 'Bollard' to enable the ability to RIDE your go karts! Use W A S D to control a go kart whilst using the ride camera. You can also honk your horn using the SHIFT key.
ANDY CHAPPELL Name a guest 'Andy Chappell' to see them whizz around the go kart track at super speed!
LOCKETTMAN Name a Security Gaurd 'Lockettman' to see guests bounce off them when giving chase
DAVID GETLEY Name a staff member 'David Getley' to increase crime in the park
JAMES TAYLOR Name a guest 'James Taylor' to lower friction on all coasters and some track rides
ANDY FLETCHER Name a guest 'Andy Fletcher' to remove friction on all coasters and some track rides
McLINTHE Name a shop 'McLinthe' to make everyone in the park PUKE!
TEGIDCAM It's Back! Name a guest 'Tegidcam' to enter a first person camera mode!
STEVE WILKINS Name a staff member 'Steve Wilkins' to increase the rate that rides need repairing
FRONTIER Name a ride 'Frontier' to remove the chance of all rides breaking down