Pokemon Fire Red Cheats List

Using a Master Code is important to activate the cheats. For this, you have to download and install a Game Boy Advance emulator on the phone or PC. Now, go to “Cheats” or “Pass” in the options and type the Master Code to enable the codes.

Before activating any code, it is necessary to save your progress in the game. It might be possible that it can get corrupt the recording, and you need to restart the game from scratch.

Console Commands
Code Effect
Code [Candy] Here is the Rare Candy code
Level [Up] Faster leveling
Unlimited [PP] Infinite PP
Unlimited [Money] Infinite cash
Infinite [Goods] Infinite items
Random [War] No random battles
Get [Pokeballs] Get all pokéballs
Get [Badges] Get all badges
Get [Pokedex] Get the National Pokédex
Complete [Pokedex] Complete the Pokédex