Pokemon Yellow Cheats List

Keep in mind that you should not try to enable more than two cheats simultaneously. In the game, cheats are useful but it can damage the game. Overusing cheats can extremely confuse the game and can result in a crash.

So, make sure to save the game before you enable any cheats.

Console Commands
Code Effect
Master Balls [01017CCF] Buy Master Balls For Free
Team Look [0115d8cf] All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew In Battle
Burn and Sleep [0115e8cf] Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep
Articuno [014ad7cf] Catch Wild Articuno
Zapdos [014bd7cf] Catch Wild Zapdos
Motres [0149d7cf] Catch WIld Motres
Dratini [0158d7cf] Catch Wild Dratini
Dragonair [0159d7cf] Catch Wild Dragonair
Dragonite [0142d7cf] Catch Wild Dragonite
Mewtwo [0183d7cf] Catch Wild Mewtwo
Mew [0115d7cf] Catch Wild Mew
Level 5 [010526d1] Catch a Pokemon at Level 5
Level 10 [010a26d1] Catch a Pokemon at Level 10
Level 15 [010f26d1] Catch a Pokemon at Level 15
level 20 [011426D1] Catch a Pokemon level 20
level 25 [011926D1] Catch a Pokemon level 25
level 30 [011E26D1] Catch a Pokemon level 30
level 35 [012326D1] Catch a Pokemon level 35
level 40 [012826D1] Catch a Pokemon level 40
level 45 [012D26D1] Catch a Pokemon level 45
level 50 [013226D1] Catch a Pokemon level 50
level 75 [014B26D1] Catch a Pokemon level 75
level 100 [016426D1] Catch a Pokemon level 100
level 150 [019626D1] Catch a Pokemon level 150
level 190 [01BE26D1] Catch a Pokemon level 190
Gyarados [0116d7cf] Catch Wild Gyarados
Lapras [0113d7cf] Catch Wild Lapras
Ditto [014cd7cf] Catch Wild Ditto
Eevee [0166d7cf] Catch Wild Eevee
Vaporeon [0169d7cf] Catch Wild Vaporeon
Jolteon [0168d7cf] Catch Wild Jolteon
Flareon [0167d7cf] Catch Wild Flareon
Porygon [01aad7cf] Catch Wild Porygon
Omanytle [0162d7cf] Catch Wild Omanytle
Omanyte [0162d7cf] Catch Wild Omanyte
Omastar [0163d7cf] Catch Wild Omastar
Majikarp [0185d7cf] Catch Wild Majikarp
Kabuto [015ad7cf] Catch WIld Kabuto
Kabutops [015bd7cf] Catch Wild Kabutops
Aerodactyl [01abd7cf] Catch Wild Aerodactyl
Snorlax [0184d7cf] Catch WIld Snorlax
Hitmonlee [012bd7cf] Catch Wild Hitmonlee
Catch Wild Hitmonchan [012cd7cf] Catch Wild Hitmonchan
Marowak [0191d7cf] Marowak
Lickitung [010bd7cf] Catch Wild Lickitung
Koffing [0137d7cf] Catch WIld Koffing
Weezing [018fd7cf] Catch WIld Weezing
Rhyhorn [0112d7cf] Catch Wild Rhyhorn
Rhydon [0101d7cf] Catch Wild Rhydon
Chansey [0128d7cf] Catch Wild Chansey
Tangela [011ed7cf] Catch Wild Tangela
Kangaskhan [0102d7cf] Catch Wild Kangaskhan