Code Effect
speed [game] Changes speed of game, 0.1 = 10% of original game speed, 2 = twice the original game speed
acceleration [speed gel] Changes the acceleration of the speed gel
speed [obtainable] Changes the maximum speed obtainable from speed gel
speed [gun] Changes the minimum speed (in seconds) in which the portal gun shoots when you hold click. (Affected by portalgun_fire_delay)
minimum [speed] Changes the minimum speed (in seconds) in which you can fire a portal gun
view [first person] Changes view to first person
view [third person] Changes view to third person
companion [cube] Creates a Companion Cube
reflector [cube] Creates a reflector cube for lasers
weighted [sphere] Creates a Weighted Sphere
cube [1900] Creates the 1900s version of the Weighted Storage Cube (from "The Fall" chapter
cube [original] Creates the original Weighted Storage Cube (the normal one)
basic [gun] gives you the basic portal gun. Upgrade with upgrade_portalgun
god [invincibility] Invincibility
gravity [game] Lets you change the gravity in the game
fly [walls] Lets you go through walls and fly around
portals [anywhere] Place portals anywhere
damage [die] Player can take damage but won't die
gel [shoots] Shoots conversion gel out of your face
gel [propulsion] Shoots propulsion gel out of your face
face [repulsion] Shoots repulsion gel out of your face
shoots [water] Shoots water out of your face
show [fps] Shows FPS Rate
spawn [core] spawns wheatley personality core
cheats [on/off] Turns Cheats on/off
turrets [shoot] Turrets won't shoot at you
see [position] Used to see your position and speed
portal [sizes] Changes portal sizes to what you specify (Replace and with half of the width and length you want on the portals)
portal [placed] Makes sure your portals can be placed in any way you shoot them, even inside eachother
portal [fail] You can place portals wherever you want
paint [placeable] Makes your portals placable on paint
portal [XXX] Specify the width you want your portals to be, where XXX is a numerical value
entirely [shaped] Make all portals entirely circle-shaped (Not long)
all [weapons] Gives you all weapons (Including Half-Life 2 weapons)
[immortal] Makes you immortal (You never go below 1 health)
static [Health] Makes you immortal (Your health is static)
toggle [fly] Ability to fly, even through walls (Type again to toggle)