Code Effect
/bind q give quad damage [press q] Gives Quad damage by pressing Q
/bind f give all [gives weapons] Gives you all weapons and armor but no grappling hook.
/unbind all [binded Unbinds all keys you have binded
/unbind f [key] Unbinds F key
/unbind [q] Unbinds the Q key so you don't get quad damage without binding key.
/g_gravity [0-800] Change gravity
/cg_thirdpersonangle [-360-360] Change view angle
/cg_thirdpersonrange [320-500 Change view range
/model sarge/krusade [skin] Hidden Sarge skin
/kick botname [kicks off] This kicks off a bot from the game.
/addbot botname [add bot] You can add in any bot.
/timelimit or /fr [sp] You can change the preset limit in SP games to a shorter (or longer) amount of frags.
/hide character [flying gun] You are totaly invisible and your gun is flyng
/noclip_out [no movement] You get noclip but your character is not moving
/hide weapon [shooting] Your hands are shooting... Wut?
/give health [25 pack] Gives 25 health pack
/give health [50 pack] Gives 50 health pack.
/give ammo [999] Gives 999 of all ammo.
/give medkit Gives a medkit.
/give all [weapons] Gives all weapons (except grappling hook) and full ammo, health, and armor.
/give weapons [grappling] Gives all weapons except grappling hook.
/give battle [suit] Gives Battle Suit. Use again to lengthen time.
/give [flight] Gives Flight. Use again to lengthen time.
/give grappling [hook] Gives grappling hook, which doesn't come with /give all.
/give [haste] Gives Haste. Use again to lengthen time.
/give [heavy armor] Gives Heavy Armor
/give [invisibility] Gives Invisibility. Use again to lengthen time.
/give [mega health] Gives Mega Health.
/give [personal teleporter] Gives Personal Teleporter.
/give [quad damage] Gives Quad Damage. Use again to lengthen time.
/give [regeneration] Gives Regeneration. Use again to lengthen time.
/give [rockets] Gives you a pack of rockets, replace with ammo of your choice.
/give [rocket launcher] Gives you a rocket launcher, replace with weapon of your choice.
/give [armor] Refills armor
/give [health] Refills health.