Raft Cheats & Console Commands List

TheCommands welcomes you to the Raft Cheats & commands guide that show you how to set the attributes, spawn items, enable godmode and much more.

Though it is a survival game, and using tricks is not recommended, but if you are on this page, it means you like to use theses Raft cheats to enjoy the game.

  • At first, you need to launch the game and start the Valve for which you want to use the console. 
  • Choose the Options from the main menu. 
  • Choose the keyboard tab and click Advanced button. 
  • Check the box located right next to Enable developer console (~) tilde key. 
  • Click Apply. 

Raft cheats table is given below that has all the cheats and commands for the users to enjoy  the game thoroughly.

Console Commands
Code Effect
Hunger [X] /set hunger X
Thirst [X] /set Thirst X
Blockhealth [X] /set Blockhealth X
Bonushunger [X] /set Bonushunger X
Gamemode [X] /set Gamemode X
FPS [X] /set fps X
Oxygen [X] /set Oxygen X
Spawn [Shark] /spawn Shark
Spawn [Pufferfish] /spawn pufferfish
Spawn [Stonebird] /spawn stonebird
Spawn [Llama] /spawn llama
Spawn [Goat] /spawn goat
Spawn [Chicken] /spawn chicken
Spawn [Boar] /spawn Boar
Landmark [Big] /spawn landmark_big
Landmark [Pilot] /spawn landmark_pilot
Landmark [Raft] /spawn landmark_raft
Spawn [Landmark] /spawn landmark
/Shift [World Center] Shifts raft
Godmode [Expert] /godmode
Clear [Everything] /clear “itemor thing”
Godmode [Expert] /godmode
Clear [Everything] /clear “itemor thing”