Code Effect
11235 Get all upgraded abilities
71767 Easily destroyed buildings
82864 Unlocks Demo Mode
141421 Unlocks all monsters
271828 Unlocks all cities
314159 Shows game version
667300 View Opening Theme
667301 View Ending Theme
667302 View Credits
874098 Unlocks demo mode (with monsters)
986960 Unlocks invincibility
Leon Play as any starting monster in Las Vegas
Kingston Play as Lizzie in Las Vegas
Jack Play as Harry in Las Vegas
Marco Play as Ralph in San Francisco
Shelby Play as Lizzie in San Francisco
Natalie Play as Marco in San Francisco
Kyle Play as Kingston in London
Icky Play as Ralph in London
Edwin Play as Wally in London
Cal Play as Kyle in Los Angeles
Amanda Play as Kyle in Los Angeles
Bart Play as Kingston in Los Angeles
Rojo Play as Kyle in Chicago
Harry Play as Marco in Chicago
Nick Play as Harry in Chicago
Croc Play as Rojo in Hong Kong
Venus Play as Croc in Hong Kong
Jill Play as Amanda in Hong Kong
Wally Play as Marco in New York
Rocky Play as Cal in New York
Joe Play as Natalie in New York
Philbert Complete all the Par Point Stars in all the cities.
Eyegore Complete all the Challenge Stars in all the cities
Bubba Unlock all the monsters, secret and normal.