Code Effect
0 Height marks on paths
1 Underground view
2 Underwater View
3 Transparent Rides
4 Transparent Scenery
5 Invisible Supports
6 Invisible People
7 Gridlines
8 Height marks on land
9 Height marks on ride tracks
[page up] Zoom out
[page down] Zoom in
[enter] Rotate
[tab] Map
[f1] Land
[f2] Water
[f3] Scenery
[f4] Footpaths
[f5] New rides
f Finances
d Research
r Ride information
p Park status
g Guest information
s Staff
m Messages
[backspace] Close the topmost window
[shift] + [backspace] Close all open windows
[esc] Cancel construction
z Rotate Ride
chris sawyer Will take pictures of your rides
simon foster Will paint pictures of your rides
melanie warn Increases the guest to completely happy
katie brayshaw Will wave to everyone she meets
john wardley Says "Wow!" when he sees (or is on) a good coaster
damon hill Races around twice as fast on the Go Karts
michael schumacher Works the same as Damon Hill, but a little faster (and NO you can't race Damon and Michael!)
mr bean Will drive VERY slowly on the Go Karts