Code Effect
/god God mode
/notarget [ai] Disable enemy AI
/noclip No clipping mode
/give all [ammo] [weapons] All weapons and ammunition
/give [armor] Armor
/give [ammo] Full ammunition for current weapons
/give [health] Health
/give [stamina] Stamina
/give [item name] Spawn indicated item
/nofatigue [tired] Never get tired
/mapname [map] Display current map name
/dir maps [list] List maps
/spdevmap or /devmap [map name] Advance to indicated map
/cmdlist [all] Show all commands
/reconnect [server] Reconnect to last server
/kill [suicide] Suicide
/quit Exit game
/serverinfo Show current server settings
/toggle r_fullscreen Toggle between windowed and full screen; Restart game when changed
/toggle cg_drawcompass Toggle compass display
/toggle cg_draw2d [hud] Toggle HUD display
/cg_uselessnostalgia [0] [1] Toggle old Wolfenstein HUD
/toggle cg_drawfps [frame rate] Toggle frame rate display
/toggle cg_gibs Toggle gibs
/toggle cg_drawteamoverlay Toggle team overlays
/cg_FOV [number] Change field of view
/toggle cg_drawtimer Show time left
/map [restart] Reset map
/kick [player name] Kick player from the server
/g_friendlyFire [0] [1] Toggle friendly fire
/g_forcebalance Force even teams
/sv_maxclients [number] Set maximum players that can connect
/timelimit [number] Set time limit
/g_warmup [number] Set warm up time in seconds
/g_gravity [number] [#] Set gravity; lower is less gravity
/g_speed [number] [#] Set movement; lower is slower