Saints Row 2 Cheats List

Console Commands
Code Effect
Avenger Jacket [kills] Get a three gold star ranking in Gang Kills
Bodyguards and Ninjas [entirely] Complete the game in its entirety
Fireman Outfit [mission] Complete all of the Firefighter Missions
Pimp Suit [10] Complete Ho-ing, Mission 10 (Red Light District)
Red Light Apartment Crib [2] Complete Prologue, Mission 2
Saints Hideout [3] Complete Prologue, Mission 3
Infinite Ammo [Pistol ] Complete Fuzz, Mission 6 (Projects)
Infinite Ammo [Rifle] Complete all hitman lists
Infinite Ammo [SMG] Complete Snatch, Level 6 (Downtown)
Infinite Ammo [Shotgun] Complete Drug Trafficking (Airport District)
AR-50 XMAC Special Complete all combat tricks
Chainsaw Complete Crowd Control, Mission 6 (Hotel and Marina)
Flamethrower Complete Mayhem, Mission 3 (Nuclear Power Plant)
GAL 43 [3] Complete Snatch, Mission 3 (Downtown)
Grenades [list] Complete a single hitman list
Kobra Pistol [3] Complete Fuzz, Mission 3 (Projects)
Pepper Spray [mission] Complete Crowd Control, Mission 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Satchel Charges [three] Complete three hitman lists
Shock Paddles [ambulance] Complete all ambulance missions
X3 Ultimax Shotgun [airport] Complete Drug Trafficking, Mission 3 (Airport)
Ar [19th] Play online on September 19th
Assassin [$105,000] Get $105,000 online
Assault and Battery [10 meelee] Get 10 melee kills(excluding the pimp slap)
Brain Surgeon [100] Get 100 head shots
Burnout [10] Killed 10 people with fire
Demo Demon [10] Drive 10 cars until they explode
Dominator [$310,000] Get $310,000 online
Enforcer [$188,000] Get $188,000 online
Executioner [$777,000] Get $777,000 online
Fully Loaded [slots] Fill all of the weapon slots
Gangsta [$25,000] Get $25,000 online
Killa [$10,000] Get $10,000 online
King of Kingpins [$2,200,000] Get $2,200,000 online
Kingpin [$1,200,000] Get $1,200,000 online
Leadfoot [2000] Get 2000 seconds total in first place(racing)
Mass Murder [10] Get 10 Multi-kills
New Jack You start with this badge
No Questions Asked [10/20] Play 10 or more matches with at least 20 kills
Nutjob [100] Get 100 nutshot kills
Original Gangsta [10] Play 10 or more matches
Party Animal Host and win a custom mach
Pimp [20] Play 20 or more matches
Regulator [5/$30,000] 5 or more matches with at least Get $30,000 earned
Road Rage [150 kill] Kill 150 people by running over them
Saint Picasso [100] Spray 100 tags
Soldier [$55,00] Get $55,000 online
Team Spirit [10] Pimp Slap 10 people
Terminator [$502,000] Get $502,000 online
Thug [$2500] Get $2,500 online
Track Star [3,000] Sprint for 3000 seconds total
Trigger Happy [100,000] Shoot 100,000 shots
Wrecking Crew [50,000] Get 50,000 points of damage in Mayhem/Demo Derby