Saints Row 3 Cheats List

With your phone, choose the “Extras” option and pick the “Cheats” selection. To enable the corresponding cheat function, you need to enter one of the following codes.

Also, note that when cheats are activated, auto save and achievements will disable. However, you can still save them manually while your cheats are active.

Console Commands
Code Effect
letsrock [Guns] Weapons
goldengun [Gold ] Golden Gun (one-hit kills)
givesheperd [45] Spawn 45 Sheperd
giveapoca Spawn Apocafists
givear55 [55] Spawn AR 55
giveultimax [AS3] Spawn AS3 Ultimax
givebaseball [Baseball] Spawn Baseball Bat
givechainsaw [Chainsaw] Spawn Chainsaw
givecybersmg [Blaster] Spawn Cyber Blaster
givecyber [Buster] Spawn Cyber Buster
giveblossom [D4TH] Spawn D4TH Blossom
giveelectric [Electric] Spawn Electric Grenade
giveflamethrower [Flame Gun] Spawn Flamethrower
giveflashbang [Bang] Spawn Flash Bang
givelauncher [GL G20] Spawn GL G20 Grenade Launcher
givedigger [Digger] Spawn Grave Digger
givegrenade [Grenade] Spawn Grenade
givekrukov [K8] Spawn K-8 Krukov
givekobra [KA1] Spawn KA-1 Kobra
givesniper [McManus] Spawn McManus 2015
giveminigun [Mini] Spawn Mini Gun
givemolotov [Molotov] Spawn Molotov
givesword [Nocturne] Spawn Nocturne
givercgun [RC] Spawn RC Possessor
givedrone [Drone] Spawn Reaper Drone
giveshield [Riot] Spawn Riot Shield
giverpg [Launcher] Spawn RPG Launcher
givehammer [S3X] Spawn S3X Hammer
giveairstrike [SA3] Spawn SA-3 Airstrike
givesatchel [Satchel] Spawn Satchel Charge
giverocket [Shock] Spawn Shock Hammer
givesonic [Sonic] Spawn Sonic Boom
givestungun [Stun GUn] Spawn Stun Gun
givetek [TEK Z10] Spawn TEK Z-10
givedildo [Penetrator] Spawn The Penetrator
giveslm8 [Laser Rifel] Spawn Viper Laser Rifle
giveambulance [Ambulance] Spawn Ambulance
giveanchor [Anchor] Spawn Anchor
givebootlegger [Bootlegger] Spawn Bootlegger
givechallenger [Challenger] Spawn Challenger
givecommander [Commander] Spawn Commander
givecondor [Condor] Spawn Condor
giveeagle [Eagle] Spawn Eagle
giveestrada [Estrada] Spawn Estrada
givevtol [F69] Spawn F69 Vtol
givegatmobile [Gatmobile] Spawn Gatmobile
givekaneda [Kaneda] Spawn Kaneda
givekenshin [Kenshin] Spawn Kenshin
giveknoxville [Knoxville] Spawn Knoxville
givekrukov [Krukov] Spawn Krukov
givemiami [Miami] Spawn Miami
givemunicipal [Muncial] Spawn Municipal
givenforcer [Nforcer] Spawn Nforcer
givepeacemaker [Peacemaker] Spawn Peacemaker
givephoenix [Phoenix] Spawn Phoenix
givequasar [Quasar] Spawn Quasar
givereaper [Reaper] Spawn Reaper
givesandstorm [Sandstorm] Spawn Sandstorm
giveshark [Shark] Spawn Shark
givespecter [Specter] Spawn Specter
givesquasar [Squasar] Spawn Squasar
givestatusquo [Quo] Spawn Status Quo
givetaxi [Taxi] Spawn Taxi
givetitan [Titan] Spawn Titan
givetoad [Toad] Spawn Toad
givetornado [Tornado] Spawn Tornado
givevortex [Vortex] Spawn Vortex
givevtol [VTOL] Spawn VTOL
givevulture [Vulture] Spawn Vulture
givewidowmaker Spawn Widowmaker
givewoodpecker Spawn Woodpecker