Shadowrun: Hong Kong Cheats and Console Commads List has made a list of all the Shadowrun Hong Kong console commands. You can activate the commands by pressing Alt+F1 to activate the debug mode. At the top-left corner of the screen you need to click on CMD and type in the commands given below. Just put in a number where you see X. 

Console Commands
Code Effect
addAP [X] Add AP X amount
addKarma [X] Add X amount of karma
suicide [Die] Causes the active player to die
endturn [Team] End the turn of team
toggleNeverMiss [100% Hit Chance] 100% hit chance
toggleGodMode [Superspeed] Gives superspeed
slaughter [X] Kills all enemies
deathray [Visible] Kills all visible enemies
restoreAP [AP] Restores AP
setHP [X] Set HP X amount
stunray [Visible] Stuns all visible enemies