Code Effect
Money [$100,000] Add $100,000 to City Budget
Fire [on/off] Toggle Fire On/Off
Crime [on/off] Toggle Crime On/Off
Health [on/off] Toggle Health Issues On/Off
Air [on/off] Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
Ground [on/off] Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
Sims [on/off] Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
Sewage [on/off] Toggle Sewage On/Off
Garbage [on/off] Toggle Garbage On/Off
Menu [change] Debug Menu (not much use)
Future [debug] Toggle Futurization
Toggle [control] Toggle infinite ControlNet
Profit [$5,000] Add $5,000 to your profit
priscilla [debug] Debug Menu
Noah [water] Flood
FUND [raise ] Free money
cass [$250] Gain $250
imacheat [$500,000] Gain $500,000
FUND [25%] Get a 25% bond
damn or hell Get a lot of churches
gilmartin [military] Get a miliary base
joke [squid] Pirate Squid Club
gomorrah [nuclear] Start a nuclear disaster
Moses [floods] Stop floods
let's make a deal Unlock all business deals
garbage [in/out] Unlock all garbage structures
i love red tape [ordinance] Unlock all ordinances
power to the masses Unlock all power plants
pay tribute to your king Unlock all reward buildings
water in the desert Unlock all water structures
i am weak Building costs reduced to $0
nerdz rool Convert all dirty industries to clean industries
call cousin vinnie After entering this cheat, go to the "Meet" menu, and go to "Local Fundraising Event". If you click "yes", you will receive $100,000. If you click "no", you can unlock the SimCastle
zyxwvu Unlock SimCastle after following the above steps
terrain down [one] Lower all terrain by one level
terrain down [ten] Lower all terrain by ten levels
terrain up [one] Raise all terrain by one level
terrain up [ten] Raise all terrain by ten levels
the birds Make seagulls fly over the map
simon says [x] Replace x with your own text to make it appear in the news ticker
traffic lights Reduce traffic and pollution
ufo swarm Add UFO attack to the disaster menu
salt on Turn all fresh water into salt water
salt [off] Turn all salt water into fresh water
allinjure [0] Heal everyone.
allinjure [1] Hurt everyone.
eureka All buildings available to build.
moneytree [X] Gives you money (where X = amount of money).
orbo Gives energy.
partridge Makes everyone happy.
reward all All reward buildings available to build.