Skyrim Switch Cheats

Console Commands
Code Effect
tgm Activates God Mode, which makes you invulnerable in addition to granting infinite stamina, magicka, and carrying weight.
tim Activates immortal mode, where your character can take damage but will not die.
setessential 1 Sets the currently selected non-player character (NPC) to essential, which basically makes them invulnerable.
tcl Turns off clipping, which means you can walk through walls.
showracemenu Opens the character customization screen from the beginning of the game at any time.
setscale Changes your size or the size of any NPC, with 1 being normal and 10 being enormous.
setgs fjumpheightmin Changes the player's jump height, with 4 being the default.
unlock Unlocks anything you want without needing the right key.
psb Allows you to cast any spell you want.
player.advlevel Instantly raises your level by one.
player.setlevel # Sets your current level to whatever you want. Replace # with the level you desire.
player.modav [skill] # Modify any skill you want. Replace [skill] with the name of the skill and # with the amount to modify it by.
player.additem [item] # Instantly add any item, in any quanity, to your inventory. Replace [item] with the item code and # with the quantity to add.
player.teachword [shout] Add any shout to your character. Replace [shout] with the shout code.
player.setav speedmult # Changes the speed of your movement, with 100 being the default
player.modav carryweight # Changes the amount of weight you can carry.
player.setav health # Changes your health to the number you choose.
player.drop Causes your character to drop items.
player.setcrimegold # Changes your wanted level.
tm Hides all of the in-game menus and interface elements.
tmm 0 Turn map markers off.
tmm 1 Turn map markers on.
tfc Enables free movement of the camera to explore or take screenshots.
tai Turns the artificial intelligence (AI) of NPCs off so that they won't interact with you. Entering it again turns the AI back on.
tcai Turns the combat AI off, which prevents anything from attacking you. Entering it again turns the combat AI back on.
tdetect Prevents NPCs from noticing when you steal, kill, or perform other actions that would normally get you in trouble.
movetoqt Immediately moves you to your quest target.
caqs Completes your current primary quest.
setstage Changes the stage of the current quest you're working on in case you messed up or want to skip ahead.
kill Instantly kills anything you look at.
resurrect If you have second thoughts, you can use this command to bring anything back to life just by looking at it.
coc qasmoke Instantly teleport to a room that contains every single item in the game.
coc riverwood Use this code to return to the regular game after using the previous code to grab whatever goodies you desire.
removeallitems Obtain all of the items possessed by the targeted character.
set timescale to # Changes the time scale of the game, with the default being 20.
placeatme Follow this code with the base ID of any NPC or monster in the game, and it will instantly appear next to you.
moveto Instantly move to the location of any NPC by entering this code followed by the reference ID of the NPC.
setrelationshiprank # Select two NPCs and use this code to change the status of their relationship.
addtofaction Changes the faction of any NPC.
disable Turns the selected NPC invisible and makes it so that nobody can interact with them in any way.
enable Cancels the changes made by the previous code.
setownership Changes the ownership of the targeted item so that you own it, which can remove the stolen status from anything you stole.
unequipitem Force the targeted NPC to unequip whatever item they are holding.
fov Change the field of view (FOV) of your game with the default being 75.
tfow Turns off the fog of war, which allows you to see the whole map.
dispellallspells Removes any spells that have been placed on the target character.
markfordelete Sets the target item to be removed from the game the next time you load.
tc Takes control of whatever you are looking at.
help Lists every single help command in case you forgot the one you want to use.