Code Effect
A Graug's Heel Capitalize on a Warchief's Fear
A Mighty Doom [25 rune] Get a level 25 Rune
A New Master Brand a Captain
And it Burns, Burns, Burns [50 uruks] Use the Detonate ability
Bearer of the Shining Lamp [100%] Collect 100% of the Ithildin.
Beyond Hope Save Lithariel's life
Black Celebration Poison a Captain
Burning Vengeance Perform an Execution
Crowned with Living Light [50%] Collect 50% of the Ithildin
Divide and Conquer Eliminate the bodyguards
Fire of Justice Complete all Urfael Legend Missions
Fly you fools! [20 uruks] Make 20 uruks flee
For My Brother Kill the Great White Graug
Gorthaur the Cruel Destroy the Monument Gate
Height of Despair [60 Feet] Use Strike From Above
Iron of Death Issue a Death Threat
Jaws of Death [Bait 5 times] Attract caragors with bait 5 times
Legend of Shadow [Acharn] Complete a Dagger Mission
Legend of the Maker [Azkar] Complete a Bow Mission
Legend of Vengeance [Urfael] Complete a Sword Mission
Liberator Complete all Outcast Rescue Missions
Lord and Master [5 Warchiefs] Brand all 5 Warchiefs
Master of Mordor One has walked in Mordor
Master of the Wilds Complete Hunting Challenges
Memories of Eregion Activate Forge Towers
No Power in Numbers Help a Captain survive
Paid in Blood [4 Dagger] Unlock 4 Dagger Rune slots
Paths of the Dead [25%] Collect 25% of the Artifacts
Power Vacuum [Kill 5 Warchiefs] Kill all 5 Warchiefs
Ranger of Ithilien Complete all Survivalist Challenges
Ratbag the Great and Powerful Get Ratbag promoted
Repaid in Blood Complete a Vendetta Mission
Rise and Fall After an uruk kills
Scout of the Morannon Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge
Shadows of the Ancient Past [100%] Collect 100% of the Artifacts
Stinking Rebels Brand 5 Bodyguards
Strike True [2 Bow Rune] Unlock 2 Bow Rune slots
The Bright Master Discover some of the Wraith's past
The Cold Light 3 [Sword Rune] Unlock 3 Sword Rune slots
The Free Folk Complete an Outcast Rescue Mission
The Hammer Falls [Kill Hammer] Kill The Hammer
The Hand is Severed [Kill Black Hand] Kill The Black Hand
The Last Shadow [Acharn Missions] Complete all Acharn Legend Missions
The Maker's Bow [Azkar Missins] Complete all Azkâr Legend Missions
The Spirit of Mordor Start a Riot
The Tower Crumbles [Kill Tower] Kill The Tower
The White Rider Liberate 30 slaves
The White Wizard Lift Lady Marwen's curse
Thrill of the Hunt [4 Challenges] Successfully complete 4 Hunting Challenges
To Rule them All Witness the creation
Unleashed [5 caragors] Free 5 caragors from cages
You Will Obey Make an uruk yours
Wrath Of The Eldar Increases the duration of Flame
Heart Of The Mearas Talion receives Doubles Elven Swiftness
Lure Of Power [33%] Talion has a 33% chance of branding
Oathbreaker Shadow of Acharn recover twice
One With Nature Talion is immune to poison
Bones Of The Earth [+3 Elf-Shot] Recover +3 Elf-Shot
Burning Pitch [15%] 15% chance of igniting enemies
Elven Grace [50%] 50% chance of reducing incoming melee damage
Evenstar Talion will recover complete Focus
Bane Of Mordor Increases the Shadow of Acharn
Balefire [+2 Elf-Shot] Head explosion kills
Foe Hammer [+2 Elf-Shot] Combat execution
Fell Voices Talion recovers complete HP
Forge Of War [+2 Elf-Shot] Drain or Brand will get Talion
Broken Mind [+4 Elf-Shot] Talion has a chance to recover
Mighty Rage Increases the stun
Ruination Increases the Storm
Stand And Fight [25%] Talion deals double damage
Storm Of Battle [50%] Increases the damage 50%
The End Comes Talion blasts enemies' heads
The Undying Recover all Focus
Tower Of Defense Increases the combo reset time
Wraith And Ruin Increases the stun/knockdown
Aura Of Dismay Making Uruks flee near a headshot
Sylvan Arrow [+30 Focus.] Give Talion +30 Focus
Unbreakable Bond Talion may recover Focus
Grim Resolve Defense against ranged attacks
Quick To Anger Talion recovers HP
Savage Onslaught [15 to 29 Hit Streak] Talion recover HP
Smite Give Talion Focus Boost
Strength From Courage Give Talion HP recovery
Ascendant [50%] Decrease depletion 50%
Bow Master [50%] 50% increased bow damage
Explosive Demise [20%] Talion has 20% to blast
Fell-Handed Recover Flame of Azkar twice
Knight Of Eregion [get +1 Elf-Shot] Shadow Strike kills will get +1
Stand Fast [100%] Damage output of all bows
Power Of Earth Gets Talion additional Focus Boost
Know No Pain [+5 HP] Chance of recovering +5 HP
For Vengeance [30 Steak] Increased melee damage
Blade Master [30 Steak] Recover HP
Betrayer Increase all sword damage
River Of Arrows Recovering Elf-Shot
Keen Eyed Bow stealth kills grants Talion Focus
Holwing Storm Weapon damage increased