Code Effect
7E0B2703 Unlimited Time (Code 2)
7E0B4709 Max Bonus Points
7E087801 Super Punch whenever you want
7E0B36FF Opponents stay down longer
7E099D03 Instant TKO when opponent is knocked down
7E089D00 Never get TKO'd
7E087600 Nullify all status ailments
7E089C1B Power Bar always at max
00C39401 Most Opponents stay down for the count
903006 Start with 5 Rematches
903009 Start with 8 Rematches
0198BB01 Start on World Circuit
7E07E401 All Circuits are unlocked
7E098F00 Opponents are knocked down after a single blow
7E088F50 Invincible
7E086800 Untouchable
7E0868A0 Hit the Computer anywhere with any punch (can't be blocked)
Highlight ''New Game'' and press X+A. Enter your name in Japanese
When the Nintendo logo appears, hold the L+R buttons on Controller 2. Listen to the sound effects and music with Controller 1. Sound Test