Settime Syntax

The syntax for the settime command is given below:

settime [(hours, minutes)]

The following arguments are used for this command:

(Hours, Minutes)If you just wish to change the current hour in the game (e.g. set the time to exactly 2PM, or another exact hour), specify the time as the number that would appear on a 24 hour clock here (2PM would be settime 14). If you wish to also set the minutes of the time (e.g. set the time to 2:35PM, not just 2PM), specify the time in the following format: (Hours, Minutes) - replacing hours with the hour and minutes with the hour - 2:35PM would be settime (2,35).

Settime Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the settime command.

settime 3

This command can set the time to 3AM.

settime 15

This command can set the time to 3PM (15:00).

settime (15, 45)

This command can set the time to 45 minutes past 3PM (15:45).