Stylefilter Syntax

The syntax for the styleFilter command is given below:

stylefilter [filter name]

The following arguments are used for this command:

Filter NameThe name of the style filter you wish to apply to the game. Style filters are as follows:
  • -none - disables any style filter applied and returns graphics to normal
  • -oilPaint - applies an oil paint effect to the game
  • -filmNoir - makes the game black and white
  • -microscope - makes the game look as-if you are viewing it from a microscope (in black and white)
  • -norainbows - makes the game darker and increases color contrast
  • -nextgen - gives the game a bright, foggy, futuristic look

Stylefilter Examples

Below you will find the working samples of the styleFilter command.

styleFilter -none

This command can disable any style filter that you have applied to your game.

styleFilter -filmNoir

This command would make your game black and white (by applying the filmNoir style filter).