Code Effect
_preset [Minimum, Low, Default, High, Extreme] Sets quality preset (same as in-game options).
ai_use_torch_dynamic_lights [0, 1] Toggles NPC flashlights.
beclient [TODO] TODO
bemsg [TODO] TODO
beserver [TODO] TODO
bind [action, key] Binds an action to a particular primary key.
bind_console [TODO] TODO
bind_list [no arguments] Lists current key bindings.
bind_sec [action, key] Binds an action to a secondary key.
cam_inert [0.000, 1.000] Controls camera inertia.
cam_slide_inert [0.000, 1.000] TODO
cdkey [TODO] TODO
cfg_load [filename.ltx] Loads a configuration file with the specified name from the same directory as User.ltx.
cfg_save [filename.ltx] Saves current configuration to a new .ltx file with the specified name in the same directory as User.ltx.
chat [TODO] TODO
check_for_updates [TODO] TODO
cl_cod_pickup_mode [0, 1]
cl_dynamiccrosshair [0, 1] Toggles in-game dynamic crosshair.
cl_voteno [TODO] TODO
cl_votestart [TODO] TODO
cl_voteyes [TODO] TODO
clear_log [no arguments] Clears the console log.
demo_play [demoname] Plays back a pre-recorded timedemo.
demo_record [demoname] Records a timedemo. -- spacebar sets keyframes, if your keyframes are set press ESC, then try demo_play [recorded_demo_name]
disconnect [no arguments] Exists current game to main menu.
dump_open_files [TODO] TODO
dump_resources [TODO] TODO
flush [no arguments] Creates log of actions under the \Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\STALKER-SHOC\logs directory.
g_always_run [0, 1] Toggles always run/always walk.
g_autopickup [0, 1] TODO
g_backrun [0, 1] TODO
g_corpsenum [0, 100] TODO
g_eventdelay [0, 1000] TODO
g_game_difficulty (gd_novice, gd_stalker, gd_veteran, gd_master) Sets difficulty level.
g_kill [no arguments] Player kill/suicide.
g_restart [TODO] TODO
g_restart_fast [TODO] TODO
g_swapteams [TODO] Swap team for artefacthunt game.
get_server_address [no arguments] Lists server's IP address.
help [no arguments] Lists all console commands.
hud_crosshair [0, 1] Toggles in-game crosshair.
hud_crosshair_dist [0, 1] Toggles in-game crosshair target distance display.
hud_info [0, 1] Toggles hud elements.
hud_weapon [0, 1] Toggles in-game weapon display.
list_actions [no arguments] Lists all bindable character actions.
load [savename] Loads the saved game with the name specified.
load_last_save [no arguments] Loads last saved game
main_menu [no arguments] Takes you straight to the game's main menu screen.
mm_mm_net_srv_dedicated [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_con_publicserver [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_con_spectator [1, 32]
mm_net_con_spectator_on [0, 1]
mm_net_filter_battleye [TODO] TODO
mm_net_filter_empty [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_filter_full [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_filter_listen [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_filter_pass [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_filter_wo_ff [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_filter_wo_pass [0, 1] TODO
mm_net_player_name [string] TODO
mm_net_srv_gamemode [st_deathmatch, st_team_deathmatch, st_artefacthunt]
mm_net_srv_maxplayers [2, 32] TODO
mm_net_srv_name [string] TODO
mm_net_srv_reinforcement_type [0, 2] TODO
mm_net_use_battleye [TODO] TODO
mm_net_weather_rateofchange [0.000, 100.000] TODO
mouse_invert [0, 1] Toggles mouse inversion.
mouse_sens [0.050, 0.6000] Sets mouse sensitivity.
name [string] Sets your player name.
net_cl_clearstats [TODO] TODO
net_cl_icurvesize [0, 2000] TODO
net_cl_icurvetype [0, 2] TODO
net_cl_interpolation [ 1.000, 1.000] - TODO
net_cl_log_data [0, 1] TODO
net_cl_resync [TODO] TODO
net_compressor_enabled [TODO] TODO
net_compressor_gather_stats [TODO] TODO
net_compressor_status [TODO] TODO
net_dbg_dump_ export_obj [0, 1] TODO
net_dbg_dump_import_obj [0, 1] TODO
net_dbg_dump_update_read [0, 1] TODO
net_dbg_dump_update_write [0, 1] TODO
net_cl_update_rate [1, 100] TODO
net_dedicated_sleep [0, 64] TODO
net_sv_gpmode [0, 2] TODO
net_sv_log_data [0, 1] TODO
net_sv_pending_lim [0 ,10] TODO
net_sv_update_rate [1, 100] TODO
ph_iterations [15, 50] TODO
quit Exits game to Desktop.
r1_dlights [on,off] Toggles dynamic lights, only impacts on torchlight.
r1_dlights_clip [10.000, 150.000] Sets dynamic light clip range.
r1_glows_per_frame [2, 32] Controls maximum number of light sources.
r1_lmodel_lerp [0.000, 0.333] Controls the Linear Interpolation of lighting.
r1_pps_u [ 1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.