Starbound Previewquestcomplete Command

This command can be used to preview the quest complete screen without changing anything about your current position/progress in the quest.

Previewquestcomplete Syntax

The syntax for the previewquestcomplete command is as follows:

/previewquestcomplete [quest id] [position] [species] Debug Mode

This command has the following arguments:

Quest IDThe ID of the quest to preview the completion screen.
PositionThe the sequence position to preview at, one of the following: first, last, next or solo.
SpeciesThe species of the quest giver for the preview.

Previewquestcomplete Examples

Find below working examples of the previewquestcomplete command.

/previewquestcomplete apex_mission2 solo human

This command would open up the quest complete screen for the 'solo' stage of the second Apex Mission quest (given by a human).