Starbound Spawnitem Command

This command will spawn the item with the specified ID at your mouse cursor. The amount will default to 1 if not specified. See item IDs on our item ID list.

Spawnitem Syntax

The syntax for the spawnitem command is as follows:

/spawnitem [item id] [amount] [parameters'] Admin Only

This command has the following arguments:

Item IDThe ID of the item you wish to spawn. See all ids on our item code list.
AmountOptional. The amount of the item you wish to spawn - e.g. 5. If not specified, this will default to 1.
Parameters'Optional. A JSON object for item customization, needs to be surrounded in single quotes ('). See examples for help.

Spawnitem Examples

Find below working examples of the spawnitem command.

/spawnitem 16gbpasty

The above command would spawn 1 rusty pasty.

/spawnitem 16gbpasty 9

As the amount 9 has been specified as an argument, this cheat would spawn 9 rusty pasties.

/spawnitem bruisersword

The above command would spawn 1 of Brusier's Sword at your cursor's current location.

/spawnitem bruisersword 1 '{"level":"2"}'

This command would also spawn 1 of Brusier's Sword, but as we've specified '{"level":"2"}' as a parameter, the sword would be level 2 instead of level 4. Also take note of the fact that we've added an amount - when using JSON parameters you need to specify an amount.