Starbound Spawnstagehand Command

This command spawns the specified stage hand. See argument information for a list of stage hands.

Spawnstagehand Syntax

The syntax for the spawnstagehand command is as follows:

/spawnstagehand [stage hand type] [parameters'] Admin Only

This command has the following arguments:

Stage Hand TypeThe type of stage hand to spawn. Stage hands:
  • coordinator
  • mailbox
  • messenger
  • objecttracker
  • questlocation
  • questmanager
  • radiomessage
  • waypoint
  • bossmusic
  • cultistbeamposition
  • cultistflyingslashposition
  • cultistidelslashposition
  • cultistlowerdashposition
  • cultistsphereposition
  • cultistupperdashposition
  • bossdooropener
  • bossplanner
  • npccombat
  • apexmissionbattleeffect
  • apexmissioncallscriptsensor
  • glitchmissionmanager
  • glitchmissionspawnpoint
  • protectoratemanager
Parameters'Optional. A JSON object for stage hand customization, needs to be surrounded in single quotes ('). See examples for help.

Spawnstagehand Examples

Find below working examples of the spawnstagehand command.

/spawnstagehand mailbox

The above command would spawn a mailbox stage hand.

/spawnstagehand questlocation

This command would spawn a quest location stage hand.