Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Cheats List has made a searchable list of all the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy console commands that are  also know as cheats.

In this game, you can open the console while playing by pressing Shift + ~ and type “devmapall” to enable cheat mode. Next, you need to enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Console Commands
Code Effect
give ammo_blaster Give blaster ammo
give ammo_metallic_bolts [Bolt Ammo] Give bolt ammo
give ammo_powercell Give cell ammo
give ammo_detpack Give detpacks
give ammo_rockets Give rocket ammo
give ammo_thermal [detenators] Give thermal detenators
give ammo_tripmine Give tripmines
playermodel [desann] Look like Desann
playermodel [lando] Look like Lando
playermodel [tauntaun] "Shame on you" message
playermodel [jedi] Look like "no name" Jedi
playermodel [cultist] Look like a cultist
playermodel [gonk] Look like a gonk droid
playermodel [gran] Look like a gran
playermodel [howler] Look like a howler
playermodel human_merc Look like a human merc
playermodel [jawa] Look like a jawa
playermodel [jedimaster] Look like a jedi master
playermodel [merchant] Look like a merchant
playermodel mutant_rancor Look like a mutant rancor
playermodel reborn_new Look like a new reborn
playermodel [noghri] Look like a noghri
playermodel prisoner Look like a prisoner
playermodel rancor Look like a rancor (can't move)
playermodel rebel Look like a rebel
playermodel reborn Look like a reborn
playermodel rebornmaster Look like a reborn master
playermodel rodian Look like a rodian
playermodel saber_droid Look like a saber droid
playermodel shadowtrooper Look like a shadowtrooper
playermodel snowtrooper Look like a snowtrooper
playermodel stormtrooper Look like a stormtrooper
playermodel trandoshan Look like a trandoshan
playermodel tusken Look like a tusken raider
playermodel wampa Look like a wampa
playermodel weequay Look like a weequay
playermodel alora Look like Alora
playermodel assassin_droid Look like an assassin droid
playermodel atst Look like an AT-ST (can't move)
playermodel boba_fett Look like Boba
playermodel protocol Look like C-3PO
playermodel chewie Look like Chewbacca
playermodel galak Look like Galak
playermodel jan Look like Jan
playermodel kyle Look like Kyle
playermodel lannik_racto Look like Lannik
playermodel luke Look like luke
playermodel r2d2 Look like R2D2
playermodel r5d2 Look like R5D2
playermodel rax Look like Rax
playermodel reelo Look like Reelo
playermodel rosh_penin Look like Rosh
playermodel swamptrooper Look like swamptrooper
playermodel tavion Look like Tavion
playermodel ugnaught Look like Ugnaught
playermodel bartender Lool like a bartender
playermodel mouse No body, close to ground
playermodel player Return to normal
gloat another taunt. varies with saber style
d_npcfreeze [1/0] Freezes/unfreezes all NPCs.
meditate meditate
spwin multiplayer effect only. Make the camera spin all around you. WARNING: Can't reverse effect. Must exit the multiplayer game and join back in.
splose same as spwin except it displays a losing message
npc spawn probe Spawns a Probe Droid
npc spawn remote Spawns a Training Remote
spawn weapon_bryar_pistol spawns the bryar pistol from Jedi Outcast
spawn weapon_stun_baton spawns the weak stun baton seen in Jedi Outcast
cg_fpls [1/0] Toggles cockpit view on and off.
tie-bomber2 Spawns alternate Tie-Bomber (vehicle)
atst_vehicle: Spawns AT-ST (vehicle)
swoop Spawns Gray Speeder (vehicle)
lambdashuttle Spawns Imperial Shuttle (vehicle)
z-95 Spawns Kyles modified X-Wing (vehicle)
rancor_vehicle Spawns Rancor (animal)
swoop_red Spawns Red Speeder (vehicle)
tauntaun Spawns Tauntaun with reigns(animal)
wildtauntaun Spawns Tauntaun without reigns (animal)
tie-bomber Spawns Tie-Bomber (vehicle)
wampa_vehicle Spawns Wampa (animal)
x-wing Spawns X-Wing (vehicle)