Code Effect
help [Prints] Prints all registered command
call [Handler] Call any registered route
show_pathfinder_time [Undefined] undefined
destroy [Arg 0] Destroy an entity
kill [Entity] Kill an entity
select [Arg 0] Selects the entity
get_config [User Setting] Gets configuration value
set_config [Value] Sets configuration value
ib [Arg 0] Instantly builds selected building
im [Arg 0] Instantly mines selected mining zone
get_cost Get the cost of the selected building
query_pf [Arg 0] Runs the query pathfinder command
spawn_scenario [Spawn] Spawns specified scenario
collect_cpu_profile [LUA] Collects a profile
toggle_profile_long_ticks [LUA] Toggles tick profiling
set_time [Time Passed] Sets the time
world_seed [Seed World] Returns world seed
reset [Entity Location] Resets entity's location
add_citizen [Specify Job] Adds a new hearthling
promote_to [Promotes] Promotes hearthling
add_exp [Experience Points] Adds experience points
add_gold [Inventory] Adds gold to inventory
teleport [Selected Entity] Teleports entity
destroy [Arg 0] Destroys an entity
destroy_immediately [Destroy] Destroys immediately
ib [Builds] Instantly builds
im [Mines] Instantly mines the mining
add_buff [Buff URI] Adds the specified buff URI
remove_buff [BUff URI] Removes specified buff URI
add_trait [Selected Entity] Adds the trait
remove_trait [Selected Entity] Removes the trait
fill_storage [Storage] Fills the storage
grow [Grow Crops] Tells entity to grow
decay [Food Decay] Makes a food decay
renew [Selected] Tells entity to renew
reproduce [Pasture] Select pasture to reproduce
increase_city_tier [City Tier] Increases city tier
set [Entity] Sets the entity
set_attr [Entity] Sets the attribute
set_blink [Faster] Move a little bit faster
set_health [Entity] Sets health on entity
set_resource [Expendable] Sets expendable resource
set_happiness [Happiness] Sets current happiness
set_time [Game Time] Sets the game time
set_amenity [Faction] Changes player amenity
make_friendly [Player Faction] Makes player friendly
make_hostile [Hostile] Makes player hostile
make_neutral [Neutral] Makes player neutral
make_hungry [Hungry Entity] Makes entity hungry
make_hungry [Calories] Entity hungry with calories
make_full [Entity] Makes entity full
make_sleepy [Exhausted] Makes entity sleepy
make_hurt [Low Health] Entity low health
make_lonely [Low Social] Low social satisfaction
add_thought [Key] Adds thought key
remove_thought [Removes] Removes thought key
unlock [Recipie] Manually unlocks given crop
release [Bait Trap] releases pet in a bait trap
release [Trap] releases pet in a bait trap
release [Bait Trap] releases pet in a bait trap
release [Bait] releases pet in a bait trap
get_score [Score Type] Get town's score
change_score [Specified Score] Changes score
reset_scores [Selected Entity] Resets all scores
show_animation_text [Hearthlings] Text over hearthling
spawn_effect [Selected Entity] Spawns an effect
spawn_encounter [Encounter] Spawns the encounter
add_conversation_subject [Subject] Adds a conversation subject
add_journal [Journal Entry] Adds a journal entry