Code Effect
AK9A-BA6C Start on stage 2
AV9A-BA6C Start on stage 3
A39A-BA6C Start on stage 4
BB9A-BA6C Start on stage 5
BK9A-BA6C Start on stage 6
BV9A-BA6C Start on stage 7
B39A-BA6C Start on stage 8
V30A-BEB6 Player 1 starts with 7 lives
LB0A-BEB6 Player 1 starts with 9 lives
V30A-BEGL + V45A-BEAC Player 2 starts with 7 lives
LB0A-BEGL + LC5A-BEAC Player 2 starts with 9 lives
AW7T-AA6L Infinite lives--both players
CBFA-AAG6 Apple pick-up restores less energy
JKFA-AAG6 Apple pick-up restores more energy
PBFA-AAG6 Apple pick-up restores all energy
ABFA-AAG6 Apple pick-up worth nothing
JBFA-AAH8 Roast chicken pick-up
EBFA-AAH8 restores less energy
ABFA-AAH8 Roast chicken pick-up restores much less energy
ABFA-AAH8 Roast chicken pick-up worth nothing
LBFT-AAAT Cash bag worth 5,000 instead of 1,000
ABFT-ACAT Cash bag worth 10,000
LBFT-AEAT Cash bag worth 25,000
ABFT-AAAT Cash bag worth nothing
CBFT-AAAY Gold bar worth 1,000 instead of 5,000
ABFT-ACAY Gold bar worth 10,000
ABFT-AEAY Gold bar worth 20,000
ABFT-ALAY Gold bar worth 50,000
ABFT-AAAY Gold bar worth nothing
PKFA-BJ0E 1-up worth 2 lives instead of 1
PKFA-BN0E 1-up worth 3 lives
AKFA-AA8E 1-up worth nothing
AK1A-AAAE Player 1 starts with 1 continue instead of 2
AZ1A-AAAE Player 1 starts with 4 continues
A71A-AAAE Player 1 starts with 6 continues
BF1A-AAAE Player 1 starts with 8 continues
AF1A-AAAE Player 1 starts with no continues
AK1A-AAC4 Player 2 starts with 1 continue instead of 2
AZ1A-AAC4 Player 2 starts with 4 continues
A71A-AAC4 Player 2 starts with 6 continues
BF1A-AAC4 Player 2 starts with 8 continues
AF1A-AAC4 Player 2 starts with no continues
AL7T-AA62 Infinite continues--both players
NM6T-AAF0 Choose up to 99 players on options screen