It is an open-world survival action-adventure video game called Subnautica that Unknown Worlds Entertainment made and advertised. In this game, you can openly traverse the ocean on an alien planetoid, known as planet 4546B, once their spaceship smashes on the outside of planet. To persist, the player must gather supplies and face creatures.

Console Commands

Console Commands

Below you will find a list of all the searchable Subnautica cheats for the updated version of the game on Steam PC and XBOX One.

Into the search bar, you can instantly find the commands by typing the name of a cheat code. It is because console commands can at times make unexpected changes to the game. So, it is recommended that you should save the game before using the commands you are not sure about.

On XBOX, you can open the console by pressing the LB, A and RB at the same time. You can open the console on PC and Mac by pressing the ENTER key, given that you have enabled the console feature. On PC or Mac, you can enable the console by pressing the F3, F8 keys and unchecking the “Disable Console” button in the top left.