Super Mario World Game Genie Codes

Console Commands
Code Effect
DDB4-6F07 Start With 1 Life
D6B4-6F07 Start With 9 Lives
D3B4-6F07 Start With 15 Lives
F6B4-6F07 Start With 25 Lives
7FB4-6F07 Start With 50 Lives
14B4-6F07 Start With 99 Lives
C222-D4DD Infinite Lives
D964-A7D7 Extra Life At 5 Coins Instead Of 100
DC64-A7D7 Extra Life At 10 Coins
F064-A7D7 Extra Life At 20 Coins
7464-A7D7 Extra Life At 50 Coins
DD32-6DAD Start And Stay Invincible Most Of The Time
CBED-6DDF Stay As Super Mario, Fire Mario, Or Cape Mario When You Get Hit (Extra Items May Still Fall Out Of Box At Top Of Screen)
CB28-DF6D Stay As Super Mario, Fire Mario Or Cape Mario When You Fall And Die
D02C-AF6F Low Jump
D42C-AF6F Super Jump
DF2C-AF6F Mega-Jump
C264-64D7 Infinite Time (Some Puzzles Use The Timer And You Might Need To Switch Off Effects To Continue)
D2E5-A7AD Extra Life With Every Dragon Coin Instead Of 5
31B7-6F07 Start As Super Mario
CBB7-6D67 Start As Cape Mario
CBB7-6D67 Start As Fire Mario
DFCE-64A0 Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 1 Enemy Instead Of 5
D4CE-64A0 Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 2 Enemies
D7CE-64A0 Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 3 Enemies
D0CE-64A0 Little Yoshi Grows Into Big Yoshi After Eating Just 4 Enemies
DD2C-AF6F Causes Mario To Jump And Float Until You Let Go Of Jump
CBB7-6D67 Funky Mario
CBEA-6DAD Swim In Every Level!
7732-6DAD Fake Fire Mario
0DED-AFDF Nighttime!
D032-6DAD Fake Invincibility
232C-AF6F Jackhammer Jump
FD32-6DAD Spontaneously Change From Mario To Luigi
EE2C-AF6F If You Hold Down The B Button, You Float Around!
D4CE-64A0 Little Yoshie Only Has To Eat 2 Enemies To Get Big
DECE-64A0 Little Yoshie Only Has To Eat 13 Enemies To Get Big
F8CE-64A0 Little Yoshie Only Has To Eat 25 Enemies To Get Big
DD2C-AF6F Flying Mario, As Long As The B button Is Down
DD64-A7D7 Extra Life After Each Coin, Even Yoshi Coins
DD32-6DAD Invincible
6267-AF97 If You Die, Restart At The Halfway Point
62C3-64DF As Soon As You Start A Level, You’ll Automatically Exit Thru The 2nd Exit
B286-07E9 Activates The Green Blocks In The Level
DFE3-D7A0 Collect 1 Berry For Yoshi To Hatch A Mushroom
DBE3-DF00 Collect 2 Berries For Yoshi To Hatch A Cloud
62C2-DF0D Continue With A Yoshi If You Die While On One
62C1-ADAB Start Most Stages With A Flying Yoshi (Must Have Yoshi Collect A Turtle Shell To Fly)
62C0-AFA1 4000 Points Kicking An Empty Turtle Shell
DDC1-64DD Nintendo’s Debug
7E0D-C2D7 Enable Item Window’s “Goal Point” (Quit)
EECD-AF6F Skip Worlds
9E32-6DAD Black Mario
3E32-6DAD No Enemies
89E4-AFD9 Yoshi Is Invincible
82E9-64A0 Infinite Items Yoshi Picks Up
C2EC-0700 Infinite Flying Time For Yoshi
B9E5-A4AD Collecting a Yoshi Coin Gives You Yoshi’s Wings
336B-D4D0 Multi-Jump And Low Gravity
DDEA-6F07 Shoot Fireballs Straight
EDA5-0F6F Power-Up Select
EDB7-0FBD Warp To Star World
D5EB-6F07 Rapid-Fire Fireballs (Facing Right Only)
C23B-AF07 Stomp 8 Enemies And Get 1-Ups
4D2C-AF0F Low Gravity Float
EDA5-0F6F Mario On Ice
EDA5-0F6F Waterworld Mario
2D80-0DE1 Reverse Switch Palace Blocks
DDA6-DF07 Nintendo Debug #2
DDE0-07A0 Any Yoshi Always Has Wings And Flies Without A Shell
6DEE-14DF Item Doesn’t Fall From Box When You Get Hit
??6C-DFDC Blocks That Produce A Mushroom When Small & “! Boxes”
??6C-DF0C Blocks That Produce A Flower
??6C-DFAC Blocks That Produce A Feather
??6C-DF6C Turn Blocks That Produce A Star
??6C-D4DC Turn Blocks That Produce A 1-Up Mushroom
??6C-D4AC Turn Blocks That Produce A Vine