The Evil Within 2 Cheats List

Below you will find all the updated list of The Evil Within 2 Console commands. To enable the command for this game, you may need to added a particular command line to the launch options.

For Steam, you have to right click the game from within the Steam library. Choose Properties and type “+com_allowconsole 1” without adding quotations into Set Launch Options.

Users of Non-Steam need to make a shortcut to the game, which is executable. Right click to see Properties and add “+com_allowconsole 1” once again without quotations to the Target line.

Press the Insert key when you are in game to call up the console and enter the commands given below.

Console Commands
Code Effect
cvaradd_ginfiniteammo [1] Gives you unlimited Ammo.
pl_FPS [1] First Person Mode.
pl_FPS [0] Third Person Mode.
devmapjump [MAPNAME] Skip Chapters.
devmapjump [st01_main] Starts from the beginning.
devmapjump [st02_main] Starts from the Middle.
devmapjump [st03_main] Starts from the End.
GiveUnlock Gives all key items in your inventory!
RemoveUnlock Takes them away.
listcmds * Lists all commands
type it with the [*] to show all the commands
find * Find a model, entity, map or command.