The Sims Medieval Cheats List

Console Commands
Code Effect
kaching [1,000] Get 1,000 Simoles
motherlode [50,000] Get 50,000 Simoles
DisableClothingFilter [filters] Disable Clothing Category Filters
setQP [number] [points] Add Any Amount of Quest Points
setKP [number] Add Any Amount of Renown and Reputation Points
RerollQuests Randomize Available Quests
moveobjects Removes Limitations for Placing or Moving Objects
fps [toggle camera] Toggle Frame Rate Display In Right Corner
fullscreen [on/off] Toggle Full-screen Mode On and Off
enablellamas [on/off] Toggle Llama Mode On and Off
fadeobjects [on/off] Toggles Object Fading When You Get Close To Items On and Off
enablerespos [on] Turn On Responsibilities
DisableRespos [off] Turn Off Responsibilities
ShowAllQuests Unlock All Quests