Tiny Toon Adventures NES Cheats Codes List

Console Commands
Code Effect
SZNOUNVK Infinite lives
AAXKUYZE Begin the game with 9 lives
IAXKUYZA Begin the game with 6 lives
AAXKUYZA Begin the game with 1 life
AEXZNZZE 9 lives after continue
IEXZNZZA 6 lives after continue
AEXZNZZA 1 life after continue
YYXIXXLU Slower timer
YPXIXXLU Faster timer
SZOOSVVK Infinite energy after collecting one heart
VASGOYSA + XZXKNNOZ + IAUGEYPA Pick up more hearts
VASGOYSA + XZXKNNOZ + ZAUGEYPE Begin the game on level 2
VASGOYSA + XZXKNNOZ + YAUGEYPE Begin the game on level 3
VASGOYSA + XZXKNNOZ + GPUGEYPA Begin the game on level 4
AEEPPYPA Begin the game on level 5